Alina Andreeva

Professional Writer and Editor

Work in ThePets Team

3+ years of experience


  • A professional writer in Pet Health and Care Topics
  • 3+ years of experience in writing content
  • Has three pets: one dog and two cats
  • Expert on how to take care of pets
  • Graduated with honors from a university with a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages


Alina has been writing articles for 3 years, so she has considerable experience in this field. Her natural curiosity helps her to expand her knowledge and learn new pet care life hacks, which will make your life more comfortable.


Alina specializes to write pet-related artciles on following topics:

  • Dog and Puppy Care
  • Dog Training
  • Cat Diet & Nutrition
  • Cat & Kitten Care
  • Aquarium Fish Owner Tips
  • Saltwater Aquarium Fish
  • Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Also, Alina makes researches and reviews of Pet Products in topics:

  • Dog Foods
  • Cat Products and Toys
  • Aquarium Products


Alina Andreeva is a professional writer and pet-lover. She has published over 50+ articles on how to care for pets properly.

Her home is a multi-pet, Alina has three pets: one dog and two cats. All her fluffy friends have different characters. She describes her dog Bonia as the best buddy ever. This dog is so energetic: when he runs about the yard, he can sound like a herd of elephants. Her cats are entirely different in character. Shelly is a couch potato, and a “me, me, me” type of cat. His hobbies are sleeping and eating. Cat Kuzia is a true aristocrat and likes to look well. His passion is purring. When Alina comes home, she adores seeing the furry faces of her pets. She is also a lover of books, movies, and writing.


Alina also writes articles for other blogs and she has following publications:

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