Veterinary Editorial Board

You want the best for your pet in terms of wellness and health care, which it rightfully deserves. It is difficult to access reliable veterinary advice online as the internet is saturated with random articles and personal opinions camouflaged as the real deal. To make it easier for you to care for your pet, we at The Pets have launched a Veterinary Editorial Board, made up of top-notch and certified experts. Our sole aim is to provide you with verified and timely information you can trust to keep your pet hale and hearty.

Who Are the People That Make Up the Board?

Our board is made up of 8 veterinarians. These veterinarians are certified professionals that cut across all specialties (aquatic animals, cats, dogs, exotics, and horses). Our content is written by our team of veterinarians and writers, carefully selected based on their career pedigree and ability to simplify complex topics for an audience that consists of mostly laymen. All content is afterward reviewed by the veterinarian.

What Topics Are Revised?

Our writers and editors on the editorial board work to verify and validate our vast collection of articles that relate to your pet’s health and care, ranging from pet food and pet psychology to reproductive cycles, remedies for injuries and sicknesses, and much more. Our editorial board appraises themes that revolve around your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing so that you can rest assured that you’re on the right track. That affects your pet’s health, prosperity, or routine so that you can feel confident in the information you’re receiving. Your pet’s welfare is our priority.

The Life Cycle of an Article

Every article is written by a seasoned writer or veterinarian. The next phase is a review and revision process carried out by a designated team of veterinarians who painstakingly go through the article to check for facts and accuracy, making corrections where necessary. The article is then assigned to any of the editorial team members whose specialty aligns with that of the material to read through for ease of comprehension, grammar, and style. In the final phase, the article is officially stamped to show that it has passed through all the verification stages as regulated by the veterinary editorial board.

How Do I Know if an Article Has Been Revised?

A revised will have a badge at the top of its content page. This implies that the article has been reviewed and approved by the editorial board in terms of accuracy. On ThePets Website, a rewritten article will include the name of the author and editor.

Our Commitment to You

Our editorial team is committed to reviewing every information before it is put up on the site to provide you with accurate and relevant facts only. If we do not have an immediate answer for any reason, we can assure you that we will make inquiries and do appropriate studies until we have a solution. We do not recommend over-the-internet pet diagnosis, but we believe in equipping you with all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your pet. Your pet welfare is important to us just as it is to you, and we promise to help you with your pet.

In the end, it’s about being here for you

We recognize that your pet is an essential part of your family, so being here for you means that we provide a platform for you to access the best set of veterinarians in the sector. Our sources are of the highest possible standards, and we do not compromise on relevance. In all these, we ensure that our communication conveys warmth and empathy because, as animal owners and lovers like you, we know how important it is for you to be understood and helped.

Let us hear from you

Is there any way we can provide a better experience to serve you better? We want to hear all about it. Please contact us via or email us at We will be glad to provide answers to any question you might have, and solutions to any problem you may be facing.

Editorial Guidelines

At ThePets, we find fulfillment in providing our audience with relevant and quality content. Our team of writers provides original and helpful content that conforms to the acceptable industry standards. If you, however, find any article that you feel is below standard, please notify us of this via

Product Reviews

We conduct independent product reviews based on in-depth research and product testing. We may receive commissions on purchases you make following the links within our content. We will however not receive consideration or payment for any content that we recommend.