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How We Make Money

Welcome to ThePets! Our project aims to help you take proper care of your favorite pet(s). We know that finding high-quality and suitable pet products takes a long time, so we strive to make this process enjoyable for you and create the most complete and useful reviews. ThePets is proud to offer valuable and high-quality content for responsible pet owners.

Our team tries to analyze all aspects, from price and quality to design and guarantees during the creation of articles. Our recommendations are based on veterinarians’ practical experience, industry knowledge, thorough research, and hundreds of verified customer reviews. Our site provides reviews only for products that customers like. We do not receive free samples or other incentives from product manufacturers in exchange for reviews. Besides, our team does not accept money, gifts, or any other incentives from pet product companies in exchange for advertising.

ThePets receives money for affiliate revenue from clicks on partner links found in review articles and ad blocks from Google Adsense and similar platforms. ThePets is a member of many partner programs. 

The site chooses partners at its sole discretion and may terminate participation in partner programs without prior notice. We participate in the following affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
  • Chewy Affiliate Program
  • Petco Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Petmate Affiliate Program, and others.

This means that when you purchase certain products on these sites using links, we may receive a commission (“affiliate revenue”) on the sale.

Special software recognizes when a reader clicks on a link in an article and saves a cookie on the device. Thus, the program helps determine whether the reader makes a purchase on the seller’s website after clicking on the link.

This policy helps us run our blog and provides free access to all of our content. Any article containing an affiliate link is marked. ThePets team always strives to remain objective and unbiased when conducting our analyses.

ThePets product recommendations are solely editorial in nature. Our team does not allow retailers, public relations companies, or sellers to influence our content and product coverage. Instead, we try to do the hard work efficiently by contacting our experts and veterinarians to help you make smarter purchases.

How We Review Products

ThePets team conducts exhaustive research on reviews and recommends a wide range of proven quality products to their readers. Our team with experts and veterinarians do a lot of research before publishing a product review. The study includes factors such as product composition, utility, compliance with US market quality standards, price, and consumer user experience. All product recommendations posted on ThePets are based on our veterinarians’ practical experience, industry knowledge, and thorough niche research.

Our team updates and maintains the relevance of our articles, add new information, and clarifies existing ones every 6-12 months. The products presented in our reviews range from budget to higher cost. We are not loyal to any particular retailer or brand. In the course of our research, we try to get recommendations from reliable companies that provide exemplary customer service so that you can easily make purchases.

The stages of the review process:

  • Our editors and veterinarians independently select both new and long-popular products to review
  • The authors of the articles analyze the reviews of real customers from sites such as Amazon and others
  • After creating a list of the best products according to buyers, our experts and veterinarians analyze them
  • We try to be as accurate and helpful as possible, so we consult with veterinarians to ensure that the products are safe

All commercial content is checked by veterinarians and specialists. All articles are up to date and accurate. However, in any case, you should consult your veterinarian to determine whether a particular product, especially supplements or medications, is suitable for you and your pet.

Also, we try to do reviews only for those products that are always in stock. This is done so that customers do not get disappointed when a product they like is not available on the partner’s site. Editors always check the availability before writing a product review.