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    As every cat owner knows, adopting a new furry friend is a special

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    As every cat owner knows, adopting a new furry friend is a special


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The idea for VetLocator sprung up when we noticed that there was no comprehensive listing of all the vet clinics out there. Since pet owners everywhere treat their pets as a member of the family, we know how important it is for them to find the best vet clinic, as soon as possible, to treat their pets. What compounded this problem was the insurance factor. Responsible pet owners usually buy insurance for their pets and can, therefore, visit the veterinarians that are only within the network. This is why we started to analyze and collect as much information possible about all of the vet clinics out there to give pet owners the most choices possible in terms of picking a provider, thus providing them with peace of mind.

VetLocator was created for pet owners who are looking to find the best vet clinic for their pets within their vicinity. We are collect and input information into the system from various sources, such as Yelp and Google so that every user can find a verified clinic and receive quality veterinary care – as soon as possible.