Dr. Kathryn Dench

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

British Veterinarian

10+ years of experience as a veterinarian in small animal and exotic pet medicine


  • Kathryn is a Veterinarian, Clinical Advisor and Freelancer
  • Works as a Locum Small Animal Veterinarian on a self-employed basis with her own VDS cover, UK
  • Particular interest in primates and endangered species
  • Graduated at Cambridge University Veterinary School
  • Was a Volunteer Coordinator in Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
  • Skilled in Veterinary Medicine, Epidemiology, Animal Welfare, Clinical Data Management, and Biodiversity
  • Has conducted research to protect orangutans from contagious disease


Kate qualified from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 2007. She studied pathology, biological anthropology, and exotic animal medicine as the elective sections of her course.

Kathryn has experience of volunteering. In 2004 she was a volunteer coordinator in The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project.


In the UK, Kate has worked in some veterinary practices, both as permanent staff and providing locum cover as needed. She has extensive experience in the medical care of pet species, from dogs and cats to chickens and chameleons! Since 2016 she is Head Of Operations at Borneo Nature Foundation.

Kate has also worked as a veterinarian at an orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo. There she and her colleagues compiled their clinical data to research and better understand how contagious disease spreads in these endangered primates and what they can do to protect them; she continues to act as a voluntary Veterinary Advisor at Orangutan Appeal UK to several orangutan rescue charities.

In her spare time, Kate writes and reviews pet advice content to ensure that owners are receiving the best possible information on how to care for their pets.


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