Victoria Smirnova

Professional Writer and Editor

Work in ThePets Team

5+ years of experience


  • Copywriter, author of articles on the subject of keeping Pets
  • 5+ years of experience in writing content
  • Avid pet lover with particular experience with cats
  • Professional expert in taking care of pets


Viktoria Smirnova (Viki) graduated with honors from Donetsk National University and received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Business in 2019.


Victoria is the author of articles and joined the company The Pets in February 2020. She is an experienced writer who has extensive experience in many aspects of media, editing, translation, and audience engagement. Before the Pets, Viki headed several websites, worked as a news editor, and covered everything lifestyle, including food, travel, health, career, and finance.


With the advent of the Pets, Viki began creating informational articles that help pet owners live in harmony with their Pets. Although most of Victoria’s time is spent writing texts, she also likes to enjoy time with her family and take care of her cat – Brenda. She also likes to run and swim. Victoria likes to go hiking and enjoy nature.

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