All our professional writers have extensive experience in writing articles on Pet Care areas as Health, Nutrition, Training, and Behaviorist.

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  • Vicki Smirnova

    Professional Writer and Editor

    Work in ThePets Team

    5+ years of experience

    Vicki Smirnova

    Vicki S. is a professional writer and editor who adores animals and helps readers get along well with their pets. Vicki has been working in digital media for more than 5 years and has great experience writing content about lifestyle, including pets. Vicki specializes in dog health and nutrition, cat feeding, dog training. She is an aquarium lover and is passionate to write about fish care at home. Also, Vicki headed several websites and worked as a news editor.

  • Alina Andreeva

    Professional Writer and Editor

    Work in ThePets Team

    3+ years of experience

    Alina Andreeva

    Alina A. is a professional writer, editor, and pet-lover. She has published over 50 articles on how to care for pets properly. Alina has been writing articles for 3 years, so she has considerable experience in this niche. Her natural curiosity helps her to expand her knowledge and learn new pet care life hacks, which will make your life much easier.

  • Casey Fenn

    Professional Writer and Editor

    North Carolina, USA

    3+ years of experience

    Casey Fenn

    Casey Fenn has 3+ years of experience in writing content. He lives in western North Carolina with his wife, four children, and an assortment of farm animals – including a dog, twenty chickens, a handful of quail, and one milk cow. Casey specializes to write articles in Dog Care, Cat Care, and Tips for Aquarium Owners.

  • Scott Jeffrey

    Writer and Professional Blogger


    12+ years of experience

    Scott Jeffrey

    Scott is a professional blogger with 12+ years of experience in writing, and holds an MA in anthropology. He has two cats as housemates. Also, Scott is passionate to research on pet-related topics such as dog training, puppy feeding, and cat health.

  • Kristina Tyler

    Professional Writer and Editor

    California, USA

    6+ years of experience

    Kristina Tyler

    Kristina is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in pet care topics. With her life-long love of animals and passion for learning, she thoroughly enjoys researching and writing about how to care for pets.

  • Jane Leonhardt

    Professional Writer and Editor

    Upstate New York, USA

    3+ years of experience

    Jane Leonhardt

    Jane in a professionally trained writer and editor and pet owner for 15+ years of animals including reptiles, cats, dogs, birds and rodents.

  • Tosine Kennedy

    Professional Writer and Editor

    Seffner, Florida

    6+ years of experience

    Tosine Kennedy

    Tosine Kennedy is a professional writer and editor who loves pets and travel. Tosine has 6+ years of professional writing experience. She is a pet lover and specializes to write articles on Dog and Food Care.

  • Mary Mack

    Professional Writer

    Michigan, USA

    10+ years of experience

    Mary Mack

    Mary Mack is an avid pet lover with 10 years of writing experience. In addition to writing, Mary enjoys spending time with her pets (a dog, cat, and rabbit that can often be found hogging the bed) and browsing used bookshops for something to add to her shelves.