Dr. Chyrle Bonk

Associate Veterinarian

Clearwater Valley Veterinary Clinic, Orofino, Idaho, US

10+ years of veterinary experience in filed of food animal medicine

Dr. Chyrle Bonk


  • Associate veterinarian since 2010 in a mixed animal practice with an emphasis in food animal medicine
  • Volunteer for Clearwater County Youth 4H
  • Work in Clearwater Valley Veterinary Clinic, Orofino, Idaho, US
  • Freelance writer for animal blogs and magazines that she believes in!


Dr. Bonk received her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Animal Science from the University of Idaho and her DVM from Oregon State University.


Chyrle Bonk has been a DVM since 2010. She practices small and large animal medicine in rural Idaho. She has also taken up freelance writing as a way to educate those near and far. Dr. Bonk contributes to various animal and veterinary related websites and magazines to help keep animals across the globe safe and healthy.


She spends her time with her own furry crew of dogs, cats, and horses when she’s not treating or writing about animals. Or she’s out exploring the Idaho wilderness with her two sons and husband.


  • Writer for Frontpagemeews which is made by the makers of Cat Genie. Writes articles for them about fun cat facts, health and safety issues.
  • Writer for online and soon-to-be-published on veterinary business management and marketing.
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