Dr. Joanna De Klerk


JDK Veterinary Services, Port Elizabeth Area, South Africa

3+ years of experience as a veterinarian treating dogs and horses



Dr. Joanna de Klerk (Jo) grew up and went to school in Kent in the UK. After school, she attended the prestigious Royal Veterinary College in London to study her bachelor in Veterinary Medicine, where she achieved her degree with Honours.

In clinical practice, she achieved further education in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Companion Animal Pain Management, which she now focusses on the bulk of her clinical work. In 2018, she graduated with a Master of Science in Tropical Animal Medicine from the Institute of Tropical Medicine, focusing on One Health.


During Jo’s final year as a veterinary student at the Royal Veterinary College, she was approached by the BBC to become one of their ‘Young Vets’, to be followed by a film crew for a year to catch a glimpse of what it was like to train as a vet.

After the television program broadcasted in 2014, Jo wrote a series of books for Harper Collins. ‘Tales from a Young Vet’ and ‘Tales from a Wild Vet’ were popular and catapulted Jo’s writing career. Since then, she has been writing part-time alongside her clinical work for websites, scientific journals, and several book series.


Even though much of Jo’s time is busy juggling clinical work and writing, she loves nothing better than to enjoy time with her young daughter and family. She is also an avid horse rider and has an old Irish Sports Horse named Tammy, who is now semi-retired. She loves the outdoors and loves to camp and explore.


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