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The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is initially a medium-sized dog on a ranch in the western United States. The Civil War and the California gold rush in 1849 initiated a massive migration and created a great demand for wool and mutton. Along with the people came new breeds of dogs, including those from Australia. So, in the nineteenth century, American farmers imported Australian sheep, and along with them came Basque shepherds and their dogs (presumably, Pyrenean shepherds). It is these small, short-tailed dogs of unusual color that became the progenitors of modern Australian shepherds. There is also evidence that the breed was formed due to cross-breeding the Bernese mountain dog, collie, and Pyrenean Shepherd. This dog combines the best qualities from its ancestors. 

Despite the name, they are not related to Australia. Their homeland is America. As for the breed’s name, the Australian Aussie was called so by the place of origin of the sheep. Australian shepherds were initially bred as working dogs. At present, they are still responsible shepherds and devoted companions, very fond of working and being close to their owners.

Aussies are characterized by energy and activity. They are very affectionate, cheerful and of high intelligence. These dogs are easily trained and joyfully meet new tasks and perform them perfectly. These dogs are very dedicated to their work and need space. If you leave them at home alone, they will definitely get bored and destroy things and furniture.[1]

Aussies love children and are friendly with other dogs. They behave wonderfully at exhibitions and on walks.

best brush for australian shepherdImage by @cynoclub from FreePik

Australian shepherds are similar to other shepherd breeds, but they have a unique coat and tail. Most of this dog’s body is hidden under a thick coat. They are athletic and muscular animals. The muzzle of this breed is elongated and of medium length. The nose’s color is usually dark but may vary depending on the color of the dog. The ears are triangular in shape.

Caring for an Australian shepherd is easy. Aussies are not picky about food, but they can not be overfed. The pet needs physical activity. The main thing is to take care of the pet’s fur. This can be done with the help of the best brushes for fur. Get special tools for caring for the wool of the Australian shepherd. 

For care procedures at home, you will need a comb and brush. A comb helps the dead and fallen hair to leave the dog’s coat. The dog brush can be used both for dry cleaning of the coat and during bathing. A properly selected brush helps untangle the coat, exfoliates dirt, dust, old fallen wool and undercoat from the hair.[2]

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You’ll need a selection of brushes to groom your Australian Shepherd, as the top coat and undercoat have different requirements. Here’s an overview of the most important brushes for your collection.




Best Overall
pet republique self-cleaning slicker brush
Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
  • Ergonomic, High Quality.

  • Stainless-steel teeth are ultra-hygienic and super easy to clean.

  • Healthy to use for your Aussie.

  • Compact size for comfortable use. 

  • Features a non-slip ergonomic handle so you can groom tough to reach spots with ease.

Best Comb
well and good black undercoat dog comb

Well & Good Black Undercoat Dog Comb

  • Contoured easy-grip handle.

  • Helps to detangle mats and knots.

  • Serrated edges can trim mats.

  •  Removes debris and dirt.

  • Rounded tips for extra comfort.

Best Deshedding Brush

JW Gripsoft Dog Deshedding Tool

  • Size is not too big, not too small.

  • Teeth edges are sharp enough to cut through mats.

  • Built specifically for tangles and loose hair.

  • Сreates a massaging effect.

  • Made of high-quality materials.

Best Dog Brush for Australian Shepherd Reviews

1. Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

pet republique self-cleaning slicker brush
Best Overall

This self-cleaning brush is ideal for grooming dogs such as the Australian shepherd. The tool has a convenient button at the top of the handle that instantly pushes the wool out. The non-slip, ergonomic handle allows you to easily comb your pet and smooth tangled hair.
The Pet Republique brush is made of flexible wire bristles, so it’s perfect for removing tangles. After combing with this brush, the wool looks neater. Combing even the largest dog will be convenient, thanks to the ergonomic handle and high-quality metal bristles.

Also, Pet Republique donates 15% of all profits to the American Society for Animal Rescue, so every purchase can help save the life of a dog or cat in need.



  • Comes with a self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Built specifically for tangles and loose hair.
  • Makes dogs feel relaxed.
  • Compact and ergonomic handle.
  • Metal bristles may be too sharp.

Summary: If you are looking for a comfortable brush for your Australian shepherd, then this is what you need. The brush greatly simplifies the care process, thanks to the self-cleaning function.

2. Well & Good Black Undercoat Dog Comb

well and good black undercoat dog comb
Best Comb

This grooming tool gently untangles the hair of large dogs. The handle of this tool is made of an anti-slip coating. The comfortable rubber handle fits easily in your hand and helps prevent strain.

The materials are high-quality and rust-resistant. The brush is designed for hair care and massage. Each movement increases blood circulation and contributes to the health of the skin and coat.



  • Especially comfortable grip.
  • Helps to detangle mats and knots.
  • Removes debris and dirt.
  • Not self-cleaning.

Summary: This brush, with long and short teeth made of stainless steel, perfectly cleans the dog’s coat from dirt, debris and tangles.

3. JW Gripsoft Dog Deshedding Tool

Best Deshedding

The JW GripSoft Dog Deshedding Tool is designed for easy combing of long-haired pets. Gripsoft technology features an ergonomic handle that provides maximum comfort and control when caring for your pet.

Long-lasting and durable stainless steel blades. Regular use will reduce the amount of wool in the house.



  • Built specifically for tangles and loose hair.
  • Сreates a massaging effect.
  • Healthy to use for your Aussie.
  • Makes dogs feel relaxed.
  • High-quality product.
  • Some dogs may be allergic to metal bristles.

Summary: This brush removes a large amount of excess hair and debris, which reduces peeling and maintains the health of the skin and coat.

4. BASS Double Sided Dog Brush

bass double sided dog brush
Top Double Sided

The double-sided BASS dog brush consists of 100% natural bristles on one side and bundles of metal pins on the other. Bundles of metal pins gently but thoroughly untangle the wool, remove larger particles and provide a gentle massage effect.

The soft side of the brush conditions the hair by distributing natural oils, leaving a healthy shine and a protective layer on your pet’s coat. The handle is made of 100% bamboo.



  • Serves to make coat cleaner and healthier.
  • Reduces tangles and dirt retention.
  • Double-sided brush head equipped with pins and bristles.
  • Pin side can push in.

Summary: The professional BASS comb is made of natural materials. The use of both sides ensures the final result of a clean, healthy and luxurious coat.

5. All Systems Slicker Brush

all systems slicker brush
Easy to Use

All Systems Slicker Brush has long and flexible rods for caring for your long-haired pet. This brush has an additional cushion that provides comfort and gentle care on the wool.

This brush minimizes hair loss and is designed for the effective cleaning of animals. The materials from which the brush is made do not rust.



  • Great for removing mats and tangles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Removes dead hair and combs out small debris from the undercoat.
  • Can be difficult to clean.

Summary: This company’s brushes are thoroughly tested. This model perfectly combs out such dogs as Australian shepherds. 

6. JW Pet Company GripSoft Pin Brush

jw pet company gripsoft pin brush
Best Affectionate

The pin brush has an oval head with long bristles, which are protected by round tips. The rounded ends safely affect your dog’s skin without causing injuries or scratches. Strong teeth perfectly untangle the fur.



  • Very affordable compared to similar brushes.
  • Serves to make the coat cleaner and healthier.
  • Reduces tangles and dirt retention.
  • Fur can get caught in teeth.

Summary: The Soft Pin Brush Grip is the perfect brush for everyday care of medium-and long-haired dogs.

7. Chris Christensen Oblong Breezy Brush

chris christensen breezy large oblong brush
Best for Australian Shepherd Puppies

This brush features an updated beech handle design and safe metal bristles. This tool effortlessly removes tangled and dead hair without scratching your dog’s skin. The bristles also penetrate deeply into the coat and help pull out fallen hairs from the undercoat.



  • Lightweight, durable beechwood handles.
  • Available in 16mm and 22mm.
  • Oblong-shaped brush for styling and straightening.
  • Rubber backing tends to come loose.

Summary: The Chris Christensen long-shaped brush is designed for styling and smoothing the coat.

8. Only Natural Pet Comb

only natural pet comb
Best Natural

The Only Natural Pet dog comb is made of eco-friendly bamboo and durable stainless steel teeth. The teeth are designed to easily slide over your pet’s fur, making brushing your pet quick and painless.
The comb is suitable for soft untangling. The Only Natural Pet comb can be used for combing dogs with medium to long hair. Untangle and clean your dog’s fur with this handy brush.



  • Made with sustainable bamboo.
  • Glides through and effectively detangle.
  • The packaging is 50% recycled paper.
  • Uncomfortable to remove hair from teeth.

Summary: This comb will help remove tangled hair with minimal discomfort. With this tool, you will provide your dog with gentle care.

9. Freshly Bailey Dog and Cat Dematting Tools

freshly bailey dog and cat dematting tools
Best Undercoat Rake

If you are looking for a tool that gently removes tangles from your dog’s fur, then Freshly Bailey is right for you. It has several blades located parallel to each other; one edge is sharp while the opposite one is rounded. This design guarantees the safety of the device for the pet during use.

While your dog is outdoors in different weather conditions, the animal may develop tangles. This special tool carefully cuts a lump of wool that has become loose without causing pain to the animal or injuring it.



  • Massages the skin to create better blood circulation.
  • Inner part of the brush’s teeth is sharp enough to remove dead undercoat hair.
  • Perfect for deshedding and thinning hair.
  • Blades may be too dull to cut through large mats.

Summary: The Freshly Bailey dog cleaning tool will help you painlessly remove tangles from your dog’s fur. Give your dog a well-groomed appearance with this product. 

10. Paw Brothers Double Sided Slicker Brush

paw brothers double sided slicker brush
Extra Firm

This double-sided brush will help you clean your dog’s undercoat. This tool will untangle the coat and pull out the dead hair from the fur. To avoid cleaning the brush frequently during use, you can simply turn it over and continue brushing with the clean side.

The ergonomic non-slip handle reduces the strain on your hands and wrists when combing. Ideal for large dogs with a thick undercoat.



  • Two heads for less-frequent stopping to empty the brush of hair.
  • Stainless steel pins.
  • Rounded edges that won’t catch fur.
  • Can scratch some sensitive dogs.

Summary: This brush has extra firm pins with a large head for big, thick-furred or heavily-undercoated dogs. It is slightly flexible, to follow the pet’s natural body curves.

Final Thoughts

The best brush for the Australian shepherd is Pet Republique. This slicker brush’s main purpose is combing out dead hair and keratinized skin particles, untangling and removing small debris from the fur.
The working part of the slicker is rectangular with tightly packed rows of pins. Its bristle doesn’t scratch the dog’s skin when combing. In addition to removing dirt and dead wool, the slicker keeps the fur and skin in good condition, while the bristles distribute the skin fat, which is the natural “protector” of the coat.

The tool has a convenient button at the top of the handle that instantly pushes the wool out. The non-slip ergonomic handle allows you to easily comb your pet. This brush is suitable for the long coat of an Australian shepherd. With proper use, you can carefully untangle the knots and achieve shine and intensive growth.

Facts About Australian Shepherd’s Coat

The coat of the dog protects it from the cold, environmental influences, and other animals. A distinctive feature of the dog’s coat is the density, length, thickness and color.

The coat’s density is determined by domesticated dogs’ genetic history, whose ancestors were wild wolves. They need a thick coat to survive the frosty winter and to protect themselves from the surrounding predators and harsh living conditions. The thick wool is formed from three wool types: undercoat, guard hair and cover hair. Of course, each breed’s wool is individual, but care is necessary for each type.

The Australian shepherd’s (Aussie) coat is very soft, pleasant to the touch, silky and of medium length. The undercoat is soft and voluminous. It is easy to take care of the beautiful coat of the Australian shepherd. 

best dog brush for australian shepherdImage by Lefter Dinkollari from Pexels

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Molting occurs profusely seasonally. If the air in the room where the dog lives is dry, then the molting process takes longer. It is recommended to comb the animal every week, and during the molting period, increase the frequency of procedures to two times per week. Before combing, you can sprinkle the wool with water so that the hairs do not break. Combing will not only remove dead hair but also improve blood circulation. You will need a metal brush with a wide comb that does not damage the skin for combing. A wide comb penetrates deep into the coat and loosens the undercoat and combs out and separates loose hair. 

Self-care of Aussie fur will allow you to spend more time with your pet, establish contact and monitor the slightest changes in the animal’s health. Care of Aussie fur also allows you to monitor health changes, check the dog for parasites, injuries or other skin problems. Check the Australian shepherd daily for wounds, cuts and other injuries — these dogs are not inclined to take care of themselves. It is advisable to bathe the shepherd once a month or as soon as it becomes dirty, using special shampoos. 

If the pet is kept at home, then you can bathe it in the bathroom, first putting a rubberized mat on the bottom so that its paws do not slip. After water treatments, the wool should be thoroughly wiped with a towel and then dried with a hairdryer.[3]

Different Brush Types for Australian Shepherds

The length of the wool determines the size of the comb’s teeth. Dogs with long hair need to be combed daily, so their hair will always cover the pet evenly, without tangles. A long-haired dog’s wool must be regularly untangled with a slicker brush, removing excess undercoat and fallen fur, making the wool softer and lighter.

The type of wool allows you to choose the right thickness and number of teeth on the comb. For soft-haired dogs, you should select a de-shedding brush. 

The bigger the dog, the more hair, so if you choose a too small brush, the combing procedure may take a long time. A properly selected brush or comb will save the owner time and make the dog happier. The dog does not really like to sit still for a large amount of time and wait for the end of the combing process. 

When choosing a comb, it is essential to focus on the dog’s hair type:

  • Slicker brush: A brush with thick teeth made of thin wire. This brush’s teeth can be sharp, but they are often covered with small rubber or plastic balls to not scratch the dog’s skin. With this tool, you can comb out only fluffy dogs with a thick undercoat.
  • Undercoat rake or deshedding brush: Thanks to the tiny notches, it picks up the undercoat and pulls it out. The main feature of such a tool is that it does not touch the undercoat. How to use: gently, effortlessly pass over the dog’s body. This does not cause the dog discomfort – it even likes this procedure.
  • Comb: A metal comb with one row of teeth. You can buy several of them – with different tooth lengths and distances between rows. You can find for sale double-sided combs that instead another 2-3 combs. This tool is suitable for Aussies, huskies, pomeranians and malamutes. It is best to choose a model that has different lengths of teeth, as it will comb both the hair and the undercoat.
  • Bristle brush: The teeth for such a tool are made of natural bristles or wood, plastic, rubber and metal. 
  • Pin brush: An oval-shaped, iron-bristled comb with loose rows of pins, like most human combs. These brushes can help get rid of tangles and remove dead fur from the coat; however, they are not particularly effective.
best brush type for australian shepherdsPhoto by Maud Slaats on Unsplash

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How to Brush an Aussie Dog?

It is recommended to comb an Aussi 1-2 times a week. Combing will not only remove dead hair but also improve blood circulation.

The combing process includes the following steps:

  • Prepare the skin of the animal. Spray a small amount of conditioner spray or water on the wool; this method will help you avoid damage to the hair.
  • If you are combing an animal for the first time, try to make slow, long movements in the direction from the neck to the tail. In these areas, you eliminate dead hair and dirt, so there is no need to make an effort. If your dog has a long coat, do not use the entire brush plane. This way, it will be easier to comb the fur from the root to the tips.
  • While combing, you may hear a strange “scraping” sound, as if the brush is tearing through the hair; in fact, you have come across matted hair or tangles. This can create uncomfortable sensations in the animal. Therefore, in such problem areas, you should put aside the slicker and try to loosen the knots from the wool with your fingers and metal comb.
  • Try using the slicker brush again. At this stage, thanks to a thick row of thin bristles. Comb the pet until the tool is sufficiently free to pass through the fur. Do not pull the wool with effort – try to comb out the problem area as soon as possible. There is a risk that the bristles will pull healthy hair, which will provoke discomfort and irritation. Always start at the ends of the fur.
  • Once you’ve combed your pet’s back, repeat the same procedure on the other areas. 
  • The final zone is the muzzle and ears. Here, owners can use a soft brush made of natural bristles. The bristle brush can also be used on the dog’s entire body, as a final combing, a kind of “polishing” of the fur and removing the remaining fallen hair.

It is essential to develop the habit of praising the dog after each combing (offer it a special treat). Aussies have an excellent memory, so if you do this several times, they will behave diligently during procedures.[5]


What kind of brush should I use on my Australian shepherd?

For Aussies with a thick undercoat, a slicker brush or furminator is best. This simple tool effectively removes dead hair, reducing shedding by 90% and preventing tangles.

Should you use a furminator on an Australian shepherd?

Yes, you can use a furminator – it will quickly cope with the removal of fallen down. It also has a great advantage – when combing, it does not cause the dog discomfort (your pet will even like this procedure).[4]

Why do Australian shepherds have their tails cut?

Historically, Australian dogs had their tails cut off, as it was thought that they were better able to do their job as shepherds without it. That is why Aussies with short tails were born.

How long for an Australian shepherd to have its hair fully grown?

The coat of the Australian shepherd completely grows back in 6 to 8 weeks. Such dogs do not need to be shaved.

How to prevent an Aussie from shedding so much?

The main thing you can do is comb your dog every week. This procedure can be enjoyable for dog and useful. It helps to get rid of dead hair and accelerates new growth. A light massage has a good effect on blood circulation in the upper layer of the skin, affecting hair growth and improving wool’s appearance.

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