The Best Dog GPS Tracker (2021 Review)

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Global Positioning Systems have become a good assistant for people in recent times. GPS modules are installed in car satellite navigation systems, mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops. They are used to tracking cargo transportation and other movements.

best gps collars for dogs@photostk / FreePik

GPS technology can make life easier for the pet owner. On a walk, the dogs can quickly and easily run far away from their owner and get lost. Keeping track of the animal is made easier by using a collar with a GPS tracker. To see where the pet is, just put a unique device with GPS on the collar and access it using a mobile app. You can watch the animal’s movements on the virtual map in real-time.

The device is perfect for you if your pet is prone to frequent escapes. Dogs can be real Houdinis, escaping through a hole in the fence or wriggling out of a loosely fastened collar on a walk. Even an ordinarily obedient dog can give in to instinct and run away from its owner. Dogs can easily get distracted in parks, fields, or woodland by some animal and, chasing it, get lost. Hunting dogs chase prey for hours, and sometimes it is even difficult for the hunter to find it after the hunt is over. Hunting breeds such as Spaniels and Retrievers will naturally have this same prey drive.

At a Glance: Our 3 the Best Choices

In the chart below we gathered our the best 3 GPS trackers:




Best Inexpensive Tracking
tractive gps dog tracker

1. Tractive GPS DOG

  • Worldwide location tracking & activity monitoring.

  • Location sharing with friends and family.

  • Waterproof, shock-resistant and lighter than 1.1oz.

Best For Overall Value
whistle go explore tracker

2. Whistle GO Explore

  • A long-life battery that can run for up to 20 days without recharging.

  • The app displays a weekly report on the pet's health status.

  • Can be configured so that multiple owners receive alerts.

Best Seller
whistle go tracker

3. Whistle GO

  • Multiple safe zones.

  • A long-life battery.

  • Escape alerts via App & Text.

GPS Dog Tracker & Collars All Reviews

1. Tractive GPS DOG

tractive gps dog tracker
The Best Inexpensive Tracking

You can find out where your dog is and view its route using a portable tracker and the smartphone app Tractive GPS DOG. This allows you to monitor the activity of your pet.

You can use this device to check fitness and activity level. You can even set an activity goal. Besides, you can use the gadget to find out where your dog is located. This product can attach to any collar and does not interfere with the movement of the pet.



  • LIVE mode — location updates every 2-3 seconds.
  • Up to 5 days battery life.
  • Choose a plan starting from $5 per month after checkout.
  • A monthly subscription plan is required in addition to the cost of the tracker.

2. Whistle GO Explore

whistle go explore tracker
The Best For Overall Value

Whistle GO Explore allows you to track location if it has escaped or been stolen. If your dog has left the boundaries set for walking, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Using the AT&T network and Google Maps, you can track your dog’s exact location in real-time.

The app also allows you to track the number of calories burnt by your pet. Besides, you can generate a 30-day report on your dog’s activity for the veterinarian. Thanks to the extended battery life, the Whistle GO Explore runs for up to 20 days without charging.



  • Snap collar and hook & loop Included.
  • The tracker is equipped with a backlight.
  • Quick start guide included.
  • Lag for initial notification when pet is out of safe zone.
  • No web interface.

3. Whistle GO

whistle go tracker
The Best Seller

Thismodel will send you notifications on your phone when your dog leaves the permitted area. You can track the movement. Whistle GO can also generate an activity report and determine how much time is spent running, playing, walking, sleeping, and more.

In the app, a pet owner can use a nutrition calculator to personalize pet food portions based on their age, breed, weight, exercise level, and dog food types.



  • No base station required.
  • Waterproof.
  • Night light for visual tracking.
  • Limited colors.
  • Can be easily removed.

4. Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Extra Collar

This is an additional collar for use with the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS System (which can accommodate up to 10 collars).

The Pathfinder TRX brings advanced GPS tracking technology right to your smartphone. This model provides the most accurate and responsive way to track your dogs.

Key benefits: 

  • 9-Mile Range
  • 3-5 Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
  • Approved for UKC Events



  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Available in 4 strap color options (Black, Orange, Green, or Blue) 
  • It can rub against skin causing irritation.

5. Whistle Twist & GO Collar

whistle twist and go collar
The Best Overall

Whistle Twist and Go Collar is the best suited for dogs weighing 20 pounds (9.07 kg) or more. The device is presented in bright design. Collars are available for purchase with different prints and textures. The collar has a total length of 4 feet (1.22 m) and is securely attached to your pet’s neck.

Key benefits: 

  • The best for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds (9.07 kg).
  • Various prints and textures are available.
  • Wear-resistant



  • Strong metal mount.
  • The whistle leashes are 4 feet (1.22 m) long.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Very active dogs can remove the collar.

6. Link AKC Smart Collar

link akc smart collar
The Best Style-Minded Pet Owners

Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS has built-in components for tracking your dog’s activity. It has a waterproof case, has a stylish design, and allows you to always be aware of where your dog is.

If the dog leaves the house on its own or goes outside the permitted territory, your smartphone will receive a notification. The smartphone app allows you to conveniently and quickly set the allowed limits for walking, monitor activity, track their sleep, and more accurately select the type and amount of food needed for your pet.

The built-in tracker lamp can be remotely activated for a more convenient search for your pet. The product is sold complete with a charger, power cable, power adapter, and collar holder.

Key benefits: 

  • Tracker’s temperature alerts if your dog’s environment is too hot or cold to minimize the risk of heat stroke.
  • Waterproof and fashionable.
  • Location tracking nationwide in the United States.



  • The tracker is equipped with a LED light.
  • Works with iOS and Android.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Bigger houses may require additional base stations.
  • Ineffective temperature warnings in testing.

7. Jiobit GPS

jiobit gps location monitor
The Best Comfortable

Jiobit Dog & Cat Location Monitor is equipped with advanced beacons’ technology that uses a combination of cellular communication, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to monitor your pet’s location.

The device accurately detects the location of the animal, both indoors and outdoors. This model is easily attached to the collar and keeps the battery charge for a long time.

Key benefits:

  • Tiny, lightweight, durable.
  • Features progressive becoming technology.
  • Innovative monitor that uses a combination of cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



  • Made of durable materials.
  • Easily attaches.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Might get lost.

8. Tractive Motion

tractive motion
The Best For No Monthly Fees

Tractive MOTION allows you to get daily statistics of your pet’s activity levels, classifies activity by several degrees, and informs the owner about the need for activity. Built-in sensors of temperature, light, and accelerometer sensor allow you to monitor your pet’s behavior. Use tracker for dogs and cats weighing more than 4 ounces (0.12 l). The case is waterproof.

You can sync multiple dog trackers and track all your Pets’ activity in one smartphone in the app. Connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth version 4.0.

Key benefits: 

  • Small and light activity tracking device.
  • Tractive motion gathers information about your pet’s movements.
  • Works with iOS and Android.



  • The data is automatically and wirelessly synced to your smartphone.
  • Get detailed statistics about your pet’s activity and set daily goals.
  • It includes several great features.
  • Only syncs via Bluetooth, so you can’t get updates when you’re away from your pet.
  • Some data points seem irrelevant.
  • Easily scratched in testing.

9. Garmin TT 15 Dog Device

garmin tt 15 dog device
Runner-Up Pick

Track your pet’s location anywhere with the Garmin TT 15 Dog Collar. A durable tracker with a waterproof case detects location with an accuracy of up to 30 feet (9.14 m) using the GPS/GLONASS module. The built-in lamp improves the dog’s visibility at night.

Key benefits:

  • Features a top-mounted high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver.
  • Water-resistant up to 30 feet (9.14 m).
  • Pinpoint your dog’s location up to 9 miles (14.48 km) away.



  • Highly durable.
  • Included LED beacon lights.
  • Compatible with Astro 430 and 320.
  • You must purchase a separate Garmin transmitting unit for the collar to work.
  • Has a minimum neck size of 9.5 inches (24.13 cm), so it may not be an option for some toy breeds.

10. Cube Bluetooth GPS

cube bluetooth gps
The Best Budget Pick

Cube Bluetooth GPS is attached to your pet’s collar and syncs with the Cube Tracker app. This waterproof device has a 100-foot Bluetooth range, so you can easily determine whether your pet is too far away.

Key benefits:

  • Made of durable materials.
  • Smart model that allows you to always know where your furry friend is located.
  • Attaches to your partner’s collar.



  • Waterproof.
  • Easily attaches.
  • Features a 100-foot Bluetooth range.
  • Might get lost.

11. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

petfon pet gps tracker
The Best Customizable Voice Command

This device allows you to track up to 21 dogs simultaneously. The collar charges in 4 hours and runs for about 24 hours on a single battery charge.

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker uses DryTek technology to protect internal electronic components from water and dirt and be submerged up to 25 feet (7.62 m)in the water. You can view the position on the map from a portable device. Accurate location detection is achieved through the use of GPS and GLONASS technology.

Key benefits:

  • Lets you record a voice command for your pet.
  • Bluetooth headset included
  • Included quick start guide and training DVD.



  • Long-distance tracking.
  • Waterproof.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Lack of true waterproofing.

12. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

garmin alpha 100 bundle
The Best Advanced Remote

Find out your dog’s location even when it has disappeared from view using the Garmin Alpha 100 / TT15 GPS Bundle Dog Tracker. The system includes a device for tracking and training dogs.

There are 18 different training modes, as well as beeps, warnings, and vibration. You can track up to 20 dogs at a time, which is useful when hunting.

Key benefits:

  • Keep track of up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters in a nine-mile radius.
  • Keeps track of speed and distance traveled.
  • Included tone and vibration alerts ensure you’re aware of your surroundings to keep you safe.



  • 18 different training levels.
  • It can provide continuous or momentary stimulation depending on needed behavior correction or training methods.
  • Comes preloaded with TOPO US 100K maps.
  • This collar is extremely expensive.
  • Also a bit larger and more complicated than many of the other devices.
  • While it is rechargeable, the standard battery life is only 24-hours.

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What are GPS Dog Trackers?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that determines the location and speed of objects on almost the entire planet’s surface. 

choosing best gps dog collarImage by LaBruixa from Pixabay

The best dog tracker will be a device equipped with GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi communication modules. A good dog GPS locator’s compact case can also be equipped with an internal battery and an LED indicator for an early morning or evening walk. The dog activity tracker is usually placed on or attached to the dog’s collar and serves to track their movements and prevent them from getting lost. 

If your pet is stolen, you can independently track its location on the smartphone app’s map. The internal battery allows working on a single charge for several days. The tracker is charged using the supplied cable. The device is charged for several hours until the battery is fully charged. Tracking is carried out thanks to GPS signals that determine the location, regardless of the pet or owner’s position. [1]

The best pet tracker will have a built-in GSM communication module with a micro SIM card for data transfer. The GPS for dogs sends your pet’s location data to the app on your smartphone. The app is suitable for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The Wi-Fi module allows you to track your location more accurately by scanning Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity of the tracker, and also increases the accuracy of location detection. The built-in light indicator allows you to walk your pet in the dark and make them more visible. The indicator light turns on automatically at dusk.

The app allows you to set boundaries for self-walking your pet. If your dog leaves the permitted area, you will receive an SMS notification on your smartphone. 

All GPS trackers are universal and suitable for dogs of any breed, for small or big dogs, any height, and any size. You can use it in any weather and at any time of the year. Some types of GPS trackers allow you to remove them, put them on other collars, and use them with other pets to track their location. However, some the best GPS collars for dogs cannot be removed without the use of additional tools. This can be seen as an added safety feature, especially if you fear your pet may be taken.

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Different Types

what is the best gps tracker for my dogPhoto by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

There are two types of tracking devices for determining the location of dogs:

Profi GPS collars

These are GPS radios with GLONASS and VHF support. This collar works even in the deepest forests, ideal for professionals, hunters, rescue operations, dog teams, etc. The advantage of these collars is the strength of the signal and the 100% accuracy of the display in all conditions.

Conventional GPS collars

Conventional GPS collars work based on a standard GSM signal and have a built-in SIM card. The collar is a signal receiver and displays the result in the phone app. The display accuracy is about 30 — 160 feet (48.77 m). These finders’ advantage is the low cost of purchase and the easy operation via the app on your mobile phone. If you live somewhere in the woods, mountains, etc., a collar will not give you 100% accuracy, so it may be worth considering spending more money.

Top-Rated trackers may be removable or built into the collar:

  • Removable trackers can be used with any collar made of any material without restrictions on the collar’s length and width. Removable GPS trackers are universal, as they can be removed from one collar and put on another without restrictions. This way, you can use the same device for your pet’s entire life, regardless of its size.
  • Built-in GPS trackers come with a belt and can only be used with a complete dog collar. For each height and size of the dog, you need to buy a separate GPS tracker with a collar. As a rule, these trackers have a slightly smaller size due to the lack of latches and fasteners for self-removal. [2]

Buying Guide

dog gps tracker reviewsPhoto by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

When purchasing a GPS tracker, we recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

  • The range of the collar and its functions. Select these parameters according to what the purpose of using the collar will be. To train a dog in an open area, we recommend using a collar that combines training functions and GPS. It is preferable to use collars with a range of several miles. Using professional GPS collars, you can track your dog’s current location up to 16 km away, even over the most challenging terrain. [3]
  • Virtual fence. Most GPS collars and locators have a useful function: Virtual fence. On a walkie-talkie or in a mobile app, you simply set up the zone as a circle, square, or entirely manually. If the dog leaves this zone, the device will send a notification with a warning that the zone has been crossed. You can set several such zones. This way, you can easily monitor the movement of your dog.
  • A waterproof GPS collar is essential because it is resistant to various weather conditions. Cheaper GPS collars can withstand rain but would be entirely unsuitable for diving.
  • The number of dogs connected to GPS. Some collars are designed for more than one dog. To take advantage of this function, you need to purchase additional receivers and link them to the transmitter. By expanding the GPS to track multiple dogs, you can keep control of each one individually.
  • Displaying the dog’s position. For regular use, GPS collars with a SIM card with which you can track location directly from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, are ideal.
  • Battery capacity is a crucial criterion in choosing the right dog collar. Some devices will have lower battery life. The standard endurance of a GPS collar is a few days, but some collars can withstand several weeks or even months.
  • Compass and other tools. Professional GPS collars have a compass that shows the direction of the dog’s movement. They will also display data about running speed, direction, and even records of a dog (suitable for hunting purposes).
  • Movement history. Most GPS collars have a route history function. You can track the route or cat for any period, even from a route they traveled a month ago.
  • Monitoring modes: Continuous and interval. In continuous mode, location data is constantly sent to the smartphone. In interval mode this will occur several times a day, depending on the settings. For free-range dogs, you need a tracker with continuous monitoring mode. To find an animal, it is not enough to know the coordinates of its location every 30 minutes; by the time the owner arrives at the designated place, the pet may already be far away. For animals that move slowly, These trackers with interval mode or those devices that can simultaneously work in two modes are suitable. This saves battery power, and the tracker works longer without recharging.


🐕 How can I track my lost Dog?

Location tracking is performed using the smartphone app. The tracker’s built-in GPS module detects locations and transmits coordinates using the GSM module to your smartphone. The smartphone app displays a map and shows where your pet is located. Location determination is performed in real-time.

🦮 How do GPS trackers work?

All GPS trackers are powered by a built-in battery, which is charged using the supplied power cable. To transmit information to your smartphone, you use a micro SIM card and a GSM module to send SMS or notifications to the app. The app is available for download on both iPhone and Android smartphones.[2]

🌎How is a dog GPS tracker attached?

The tracker is attached directly to your dog’s collar or integrated into the collar design.

🐶 Can I track my Pet with a chip?

Tracking of chipped and non-chipped dogs is carried out using a GPS tracker. The dog’s chip contains its unique code for identifying it. GPS trackers work on a different principle and do not require insertion into the animal’s bod. As GPD trackers are an external device, they require charging and maintenance.

🐕 Do I need to download an app to use a GPS dog collar?

To determine your exact location, you need to install the app on your smartphone and sync the tracker with your smartphone. After syncing, the tracker is configured to send information about your dog’s location. The app allows you to view your pet’s location on a map from anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

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