My Cat doesn’t Cover Poop: Reasons why Cat won’t Cover Poop

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  • Updated on: 02/19/2021

One of the advantages of cats, unlike, for example, dogs or horses, is that they are easy to train to leave their waste in specially designated neat boxes, so owners are spared the need to regularly walk their pets. Most cats instinctively bury what they have produced, but sometimes pets may not.

cat doesnt cover poopImage by Christel Sagniez from Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, such habits are not due to irresistible manic cleanliness. It’s more of an evolutionary relic from before pets were domesticated, and there were a lot of predators around them.

In nature, cats go to the toilet not only to relieve themselves but also to mark their territory.

However, they bury their feces for the opposite reason and hide traces of their presence from larger predators. Also, pets bury their life products to stop the spread of diseases in the controlled territory.

With indoor pets, this instinctive habit is blunted because there are no predators on the cat’s territory.

The pet clearly understands that the owner, although a more giant predator, is not its enemy. And there is no need to hide the traces of your presence on the common territory. The indoor pet clearly understands that there is a place for the toilet where they can relieve. Similarly, they also aware that the products of their life will be removed after.


There are main reasons why does your pet not cover his poop:

1. If there are scents or additives at Cat litter

One of the reasons that your pet may not bury its feces is the presence of scents or additives to the cat litter. Some manufacturers of pet litter add substances to the mix that may not be perceived by humans. However, the nose of pets is several times stronger than that of humans, and for them, this smell may not be very pleasant. Therefore, for the scent to not remain on the paws and pads of the paws of a cat, it may stop burying its feces.

2. If the kitten was taken from its mother at too young an age

This fact might cause the cat not to bury its feces. When a pet digs a hole, goes to the toilet, and then buries it, it copies the mother’s actions. However, if the kitten has never seen anything like this in his life, he may not do it.

3. If the litter box is too small, the cat may not bury feces.

Watch your pet while it goes to the toilet. If the pet tries not to step on the litter, shakes off its paws, or shows other signs of dissatisfaction, you can try to change the litter box for cat toilets.

4. An insufficient amount of cat litter

It can also cause the pet not to bury its excrement. Cat owners may think that adding a large amount of cat litter is a pointless waste of money. However, a sufficient cat litter allows the cat to fully dig a hole, and usually bury their feces.

5. An inappropriate or inconvenient place for the toilet

Yes, this can also be why your pet does not bury its feces.

6. An inconvenient litter box or a litter box with too high sides

It can also cause your pet to not bury its feces.

7. Stress

Moving, changing the environment, new residents of the house, or any other situation can cause the pet to stop burying its feces. Due to stress, cats can also have other health problems.

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cat doesn't cover poop in litter boxPhoto by Ignacio R on Unsplash

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How to Get a Cat to Cover its Poop

1. Increase the amount of litter

This will be the simplest possible solution to the problem. When a sufficient quantity of litter, your cat will be able to fully dig, dig, and bury their feces.

2. Change the Cat Litter

Changing the type or manufacturer of litter can help your pet start successfully burying its excrement. Veterinarians do not recommend immediately replacing the type and manufacturer. You should gradually mix the old litter with the new cat litter. Abrupt replacement of the litter can provoke a complete refusal of your pet from visiting the litter box. You can read about what other things your pet needs in the article. You can also add a second litter box with the new litter to help the transition. 

3. Change location of the litter box

The wrong or inconvenient location of the litter box can be easily corrected. Try moving the litter box to a different, quiet location. In order for your pet to understand where it was moved and avoid unpleasant situations, try to do it so that they saw it.

4. Change the litter box for the better one

If the litter box does not allow the pet to comfortably place or dig in it, you need to consider replacing the litter box. Replacing the toilet with a larger one can significantly help your cat start burying its excrement in litter again.

5. Reduce stress factors

If your pet is stressed, you should observe its behavior. If its behavior has changed after strong changes in the home environment, then this may lead to temporary or permanent not burying feces.

However, there is an option that even if all the conditions are met, your pet will not start burying its life products. In this case, you should consider a veterinary examination to make sure that there are no underlying health concerns.

In no case should you scold your cat for this! The effect of these actions will not improve in any way, you spoil the relationship with your pet.

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Try to understand the reasons for changes in your cat’s behavior. With sufficient supervision, you can identify a clear reason why the pet does not bury its feces.

You should also consider the overall dimensions of the litter box. Perhaps the cat is simply inconvenient to dig in the litter. You can also try to change the toilet itself.

Having considered all possible causes and options for an adequate solution to this problem, you will be able to help yourself and your lovely pet.

cat doesn't cover poop anymoreImage by Maria Kalcheva from Pixabay

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