Kittens First Vet Visit

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  • Updated on: 06/29/2020

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Is it time for your Cat’s first Vet Appointment?

We love to see so many new healthy kittens, and hear the question many times – how soon should we be here to visit? How soon should you bring your new furry friend to your local vet? We’re excited to share it all here!

If you’re raising a cat, their mother will have known they were coming for about two months. Specifically, kittens will be born 58-67 days after conception. If your kitten is generally healthy, their first visit to the vet will happen at 8-10 weeks.

This welcome visit should be a positive introduction to your curious kitten and your veterinary team. These new friends can offer you a lot of great advice and tips regarding what works for other pets they see! Healthy toys and treats are fun and playful ways to get out some of that wild kitten energy.

Once born, your pet’s life will begin to be measured in weeks!

Your cat will begin to grow each week, being fed by their mother, often. Sometimes humans help with this feeding, and they will eventually help wean your new kitten from their mother’s milk into food suitable for their growing bodies! When your cat is fully weaned, they can live in new homes. In short:

  • Weaning begins around 4 weeks. This is when cats are fed a mixture of soft, nourishing proteins, with more heavily textured foods. They’ll have had toys, and begun to develop strength and dexterity in their motor skills.
  • Weaning ends around 8 weeks of age, sometimes a little longer. This is when your kitten can come live with you! Your likely boisterous kitten has gone off exploring new areas of their current home, quite curious about what lies beyond the front door. They are ready for new adventures and are ready to join you. If you have other cats at home, your vet should be among the first stops you make.
  • Make a veterinary appointment ASAP. This is to ensure that your pet is safe and healthy, and ready for the rest of their new friends, awaiting your arrival. During your first vet’s visit, your team will give you some guidance on what’s ahead. They’ll offer you a schedule of upcoming appointments, and possibly even brief you on what’s ahead for this first visit.
kitten first visit to vetPhoto by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

First Visit

Your vet will meet your new kitten and examine them. They’re looking for signs of health, including learning how your pet has fun, releases stress, and how they are actively adapting to these new environments and family.

Your pet will likely need their first shots at this appointment. These shots are generally for Distemper, a fatal, viral disease; by most, this is not considered optional. Distemper has no benefit, and we have everything to lose with its resurgence.

You’re on your way!  Your veterinary team will help set up your following appointments, and give you some information about the advice you might need. Time to take your new furry friend home to relax and play. 

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