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Cats do not require daily walks. But sometimes, in particularly warm and sunny weather, there is a desire to show your pet the outside world. Cats are very curious, and since they are interested in everything new and unusual, a short walk on the street is a great opportunity to become even better acquainted with the surrounding nature.

Cats are very active animals, and sometimes they need regular walks in the fresh air, and most are also not averse to frolicking in the green grass. However, if you live in an apartment and do not have the opportunity to let the animal out on the street, this can be an issue. Thus, walking a cat on a leash is a great way to allow it outside for some exercise safely. However, for such walks, you will need to use a special harness that will both prevent your furry friend from getting lost in the outdoors as well as providing protection.

best cat harnessesPhoto by Emily Nettleton on Unsplash

Kittens are easiest to teach to walk in a harness, due to the fact that everything is new and interesting to them – they perceive each walk as a fun game. Adult animals can also be trained to walk with special harnesses, but in order to get the perfect walk, you will need to give your pet a lot of patience and attention. A great harness can prevent your furry pet from running away during the first walk, as well as to make it as safe as possible for the entire time during which you will walk. [3]

The 10 Best Harnesses for Cats Reviews

We’ve reviewed dozens of products to find the best, highest quality and safest one, on any budget, based on factors such as size, material quality, ratings.

1. PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

petsafe come with me kitty harness and bungee leash
Our #1 Pick

This model is designed specifically for cats. The lightweight nylon strap is easily adjustable and is sold complete with a leash. This model is designed to make your cat feel comfortable. The belt fits snugly, but nervous and evasive cats can get out of the leash.

Key benefits:

  • Comes with a bungee leash.
  • Double adjustment for a perfect fit.
  • Designed specifically for cats.
  • Great for daily walks.



  • The strap distributes pressure throughout the body.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Elastic bungee leash.
  • Not found.

2. Eagloo Cat Harness Escape Proof Soft Mesh Harness

eagloo cat harness escape proof soft mesh harness
Our #2 Pick

This harness is made from a lightweight, soft, breathable fabric with an air mesh. Thanks to its elasticity, the product helps effectively prevent injuries, providing additional comfort and protection.

This vest is not bulky and will not constrain your pet’s movements or overheat your favorite pet.

Key benefits:

  • Made breathable fabric with an air mesh.
  • Prevents suffocation or injury.
  • Reflective belts ensure safety.



  • Suitable for large adult cats.
  • Made of light, soft, breathable fabric with an air mesh.
  • Four adjustable belts.
  • May be too bulky around the neck.

3. PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash

pupteck adjustable cat harness nylon strap collar with leash
Our #3 Pick

The product provides the same comfort and safety, but it is also cheap. The harness is made of nylon and has two belts with buckles that can be individually adjusted to adapt to unique body size. You can choose from a variety of bright colors.

Key benefits:

  • Nylon leash and harness for your pet weighing up to 12 pounds.
  • The size is adjustable.



  • Evenly distributing pressure.
  • Neck size: adjustable from 7inch – 10 inch.
  • Chest size: adjustable from 10inch – 17inch.
  • Adjustable “H” style with durable snap-lock buckles, easy put on/take off.
  • Strong latches.
  • Some cats don’t like the feeling of narrow webbing straps.

4. Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded and Water Resistant

This comfortable harness is specially designed for cats. With this harness, you can walk pet and not be afraid that it will run away.

This model is equipped with an additional D ring on the front panel for comfortable use. Chemical and strength tests are certified for retail use. 

Key benefits:

  • The harness body features wide straps that won’t put uncomfortable pressure on body.
  • Lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for all seasons.
  • Extra front D ring for no pull option.



  • Adjustable small-medium vest harness – fits chest size 13-18inch.
  • Padded and warm for winter.
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Not the most secure option for cats who might bolt.

Best Harnesses and Leashes

1. Bond & Co. Donut-Print Hooded Cat Harness and Leash Set

This high-quality harness with a donut print hood is sure to attract the attention of passers-by. This model is available in several prints. Sold complete with a leash and a fabric hood that protects ears.

This model is attached with Velcro, so you need to make sure that your family friend is securely fastened before you go for a walk.

Key benefits:

  • Soft, breathable mesh construction makes it perfect for all weather.
  • Reliable fasteners with buckles, hooks and loops.
  • Distributes pressure across chest with minimal pressure points.



  • Made of multi-color breathable fabric.
  • Sold with a leash.
  • Reliable fasteners with buckles, hooks and loops.
  • Uses a hook and loop closure, which could frighten some cats.

2. Good2Go Black Big Cat Harness and Leash Set

Soft, breathable technology vest with mesh supports the pet’s posture. A webbed nylon leash and two adjustable safety belts help your cat feel safe.

Extremely popular among outdoor catwalkers, this lightweight harness offers a winning combination of soft, lightweight, mesh construction.

Key benefits:

  • Designed for large cats.
  • Black mesh with soft lining for comfort.
  • Includes a matching nylon leash with metal swivel snaps that easily attaches to the harness’s D-ring.



  • Designed for large breeds.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Two secure latches.
  • The full-torso jacket may bother some cats.

3. Good2Go Teal Cat Harness and Leash Set

This model is equipped with a lightweight, breathable vest made of technological mesh, which helps pets feel comfortable while maintaining their posture.

The webbed, nylon leash easily attaches to the D-shaped belt for added safety and protection.

Key benefits:

  • Made of soft, technological mesh.
  • Adjustable seat belt buckle.
  • Includes a matching nylon leash with webbing for easy attachment.



  • Equipped with a light, soft, technological mesh.
  • Adjustable seat belt buckle.
  • Provides additional security and helps ensure correct landing.
  • Uses a hook and loop closure, which could frighten some cats.

Bests for Kittens

1. Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Even cats that hate other harnesses will love this light and comfortable model. Made of 100% breathable cotton with a washable, unpainted cotton lining, especially good for pets with allergies.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to put on.
  • Soft and made of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Does not overheat the pet.
  • Machine washable.



  • Soft and made of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Suitable for cats with allergies.
  • Secured with two locks.
  • The full-torso jacket designmay bother some cats.

2. Comfort Soft Mesh Cat Harness

A high-quality, lightweight harness made of breathable mesh and durable nylon will help your pet stay safe.

The design distributes leash pressure evenly over the chest and shoulders to prevent neck strain or discomfort.

Key benefits:

  • Made of high-quality, lightweight material.
  • Thanks to the breathable mesh, the pet does not overheat.
  • Evenly distributes pressure from the leash.
  • Adjustable size.



  • High-quality, lightweight.
  • Nylon strong belts.
  • Soft, breathable mesh pressure.
  • Not the most secure option for cats who might bolt.

3. Red Dingo Classic Nylon Cat Harness & Leash

Walk your furry friend outside safely in a versatile, good-looking belt and lead ensemble.

The tether is fully adjustable, allowing it to fit snugly. The side release clips have been redesigned, so they don’t release when pulled.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable clips for safety.
  • Adjustable sizes for a perfect fit.



  • High-quality nylon wear-resistant tape.
  • Strong clips.
  • Soft handle for extra comfort.
  • Some cats don’t like the feeling of narrow webbing straps.

*Ratings are formed by the author of the article based on own research and combined with customer reviews.

Buyer’s Guide

However, we must not forget that a walk with a cat will be radically different from a similar walk with a dog, because at a time when the owner himself can guide the dog along the desired route, the cat will independently choose the route of the walk and the owner will not be able to manage it.

During the walk, it is desirable that the cat wear a specially made collar with a small plate attached to it, which provides information about the cat so that, if lost, it may be returned to the owner.

It is necessary to know that because the neck of a cat is much more tender than that of a dog, the muscles are quite weak. Thus, the best option is to attach the leash not to the collar itself, but to a harness. Thanks to this comfortable invention, each owner has an excellent opportunity to spend a lot of time with their pet outside and avoid injury to the animal if it decides to make a strong leap forward.

One of the most common types of harness for cats has a removable leash. Using such a harness, or vest, is much safer and more reliable because the animal will not harm itself, escape, or get out of it. This type of walking gear is designed for the cold season – in the summer, it will be quite warm.
Quiet for cats can be purchased in a collar with a leash, but this accessory is, in any case, should not choke the animal or feel free to hang out.

An adult cat cannot train to walk on a leash because they do not like even the smallest restriction of freedom. The ability to walk on a harness can be useful, not only during a day or evening walk with your furry pet, but also, for example, during visits to the veterinarian, on public transport, and at a cat show. [1]

It is best to familiarize your cat with the harness and leash at home. To do this, leave the harness where your cat sleeps so that the cat can get used to the smell and appearance of the accessory and not be afraid of it. After you see that your pet is no longer afraid of the harnesses and is used to its appearance, you can try to put it in a harness and leave it on for some time at home.

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what is the best harness for a cat@pasja1000 from Pixabay

If your pet treats the harness favorably right off the bat, great! However, if it begins to express dissatisfaction, anxiety and even aggression, then you need to try to distract the animal.

Try to instill a positive experience in the cat by associating it with something it likes that is pleasant. To do this, you can try to put on a harness just before feeding the animal or before games and petting. Then your pet will be able to work out, on a subconscious level, that if the owner puts a leash on it, it means that something very pleasant is sure to follow.

After complete and unconditional habituation to wearing the harness itself, your pet is ready to go for a walk. The very first walk should be indoors, through each room, and it is important not to pull the leash but to allow the animal to choose the route of the walk itself.

If the first walk through the rooms is successful, you can take the cat outside for a walk. The continuation of a close acquaintance with the leash should take place in a fairly quiet and secluded place, where the cat’s first experience won’t be spoiled by a large number of people, dogs or the sound of traffic. If you need to take your pet someplace too far for it to walk, transport it in a carrier but put the harness and leash on in advance.

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Features to Consider before Choosing

A cat harness should be primarily convenient for your pet, and there are several main factors to consider: 

The durability of materials

A good harness for cats must be made of high-quality, durable materials that will not tear or fall apart at slightest movement. When purchasing, examine the harness seams, as well as all individual fasteners, to make sure they can withstand the tension.


Changing the size is one of the most important aspects of choosing the best one. When walking, the belt should fit snugly around the pet’s body and not allow it to escape. It would be best if you also made sure that the harness is not too narrow and uncomfortable. You should be able to put one finger between neck and its belt. If more than one finger is inserted, the tourniquet is too loose. If you can’t fit one finger, the tourniquet is too tight.


There are two main types of these products the classic “H” shape or the jacket style. Each has its own advantages. The “H” style has a neck strap and another belly strap. This type of collar can be adjusted and is easy and simple to put on your pet. The vest style is usually made of a mesh or other breathable material and is fastened around the chest, like a vest, and fastens at the back or on the chest. The leash of this style holds the cat more tightly and will not allow it to escape. 

Compatible with the leash

Some harnesses are already equipped with a leash, while others will require you to purchase a leash separately. Be sure that the harness you choose comes with an O-ring or other type of device that allows you to attach the leash.

Security features

Some harnesses are equipped with protective devices, such as a reflective tape or bell, which will allow you to find your pet if it escapes easily. [2]

best type of cat harnessBy @alexey_seafarer from FreePik


1. Strap

Strap harnesses are usually made of nylon, which is very light and tends not to restrict the movements. On the other hand, it would be easier to slip out of it.

The most popular types of strap harnesses:

  • Harness in the H style
  • Figure 8 harness

This type of harness is best suited for the following types:

  • Old cat
  • Trained
  • Calm

2. Vest/Holster/Jacket

Vest-type harnesses usually provide greater security because they hold the cat better. Although this does not 100% protect against escape, it restricts the cat a bit more, allowing you time secure your furry friend. On the other hand, more material can restrict the movements and make it feel more uncomfortable.[4]

Vest type harnesses are best suited for the following types: 

  • Young cats
  • Rescue
  • Nervous

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how to choose best harness for my catPhoto by Dids from Pexels


🐱 How to put a harness on a Cat?

Strap harnesses: Place the smaller front loop of figure 8 or H type harness around your cat’s neck. The front ring is not adjustable on the figure 8 harness. Lift your cat’s left front leg and insert it into the opening in the harness’s stomach strap, just below the leg. Pull the stomach strap’s loose end behind the right front leg and insert the two pointed ends of a snap clip into the square closure. Adjust harness buckles, so the areas touching neck and stomach do not bind.

Vest/holster/jacket type:

  1. Open a cat harness vest’s hook and loop closures.
  2. Center it back and fasten the neck and stomach hook and loop tape.
  3. Adjust the closures so the vest is snug without squeezing your cat.

🐾 How to use a Cat harness?

First, teach your pet to wear belts and a leash around the house. Then, when it’s ready, take it outside. Let it explore whatever it wants, and constantly praise the cat. Walk further and further every day until the cat feels confident about walking with a seat belt. Some cats may find it inconvenient to walk on a busy street, so keep an eye and follow it to quieter areas.

😸 How to train a Cat to walk on a harness?

Before putting the harness on the kitten, put it in with its toys so it will be saturated with the usual smells for him. After a couple of days:

  1. Put it directly on the cat and make sure that it is not too loose or tight — fasten it so that your finger fits freely under the straps.
  2. Repeat the fitting several times to get the cat used to it, but be sure of your actions.
  3. When the cat gets used to it, let it walk around with a new accessory at home (under supervision), and after a few days, it will begin to take the harness for granted.

As for an adult cat, it is likely that, at first, it will not be too happy with the new acquisition. But do not worry — this is a normal reaction. Before you put on the harness, try to calm the cat with a caress and words, and, after putting it on, make sure that the cat feels comfortable and the straps do not squeeze. Then, for a few days, lead it on a leash around the apartment. Soon, you will see that the cat is used to it…and then go ahead – to the street!

🐈 How to measure the Cat’s girth?

Before you go to the pet store for a harness, measure its chest behind the front paws. This measurement can be useful for choosing the right model: most manufacturers indicate what breast circumference is calculated for a particular harness. They are of two types: H-shaped and V-shaped. In general, you need to choose the best one based on which one will be more convenient to wear. In any case, the main advantages are considered a reliable mount and a less light load on the pet’s neck.

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