TOP-15 Best Cat Cages (2021 Reviews)

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Recently, cat cages have become more and more popular with pet owners. Some homeowners set up large cages or open aviaries where furry pets feel safe, without hindering their freedom.

Although it is recommended that cats live freely in the owner’s home, there are certain situations where a cage is a necessity. This is very convenient if the house and the cat are also inhabited by large dogs, small rodents, or if the owners have small children for whom the cat’s tail and ears are favorite toys. If you want to quickly train your family friend to a litter box without harming your carpets, then a cage can help.[4]

best cat cagesImage by Daga Roszkowska on Pixabay

If you have several cats, cages will help determine which one has health or behavior problems by placing them one at a time in the cage until you determine which one needs attention. If you live in a small apartment and have a few noisy kittens, or you are just looking for a temporary enclosure for your kitten, then buying a cage or playpen is a good idea.

Several cats at once can live and get along well in cages and aviaries if each has its own shelf, food bowl and drinking bowl. In addition, such a cage is an ideal option for a new mama cat that needs a secluded place where it and the kittens will feel safe. [4]

Our Favorite TOP-3 Indoor Cat Cages

But what kind of cages are best suited for indoor or outdoor use? We looked at dozens of cat cages to determine the best of the best. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best cages and best enclosures available on the market.




Our #1 Pick

prevue pet products premium cat cage playpen black
1. Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Cage Playpen, Black

  • Robust, rust-resistant aluminum construction.

  • Kit includes two large hammocks.

  • Large solid base.

Our #2 Pick

iris multi-story wire cat cage playpen white 2-story by iris

2. IRIS Multi-Story Wire Cat Cage Playpen, White, 2-Story By IRIS

  • Each platform holds up to 17 pounds.

  • Made of durable materials.

  • The two-story version includes 2 entrance doors and 1 shelf.

  • The 3-story model has 2 entrance doors and 2 shelves.

Our #3 Pick

iris 3-tier plastic cat cage playpen

3. IRIS 3-Tier Plastic Cat Cage Playpen

  • Perfect for multiple cats.

  • Made of durable, lightweight plastic.

  • Wheels for easy movement.

*All ratings are formed by the article’s author based on own research and combined with customer reviews.

Best Indoor Cat Cages Full Reviews

Best Indoor Cat Cages

1. Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Cage Playpen, Black

prevue pet products premium cat cage playpen black

Give your cats a separate space to relax and play. Prevue Pet Products premium home is a very spacious room where several cats can live at once. This model is a safe haven for your furry friends in which they can jump, play and rest.

The lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum cage is designed for the safety of your pets. The strong frame guarantees that the cats will not be able to overturn the cage or turn it over. This product is sold complete with hammocks, which also provide extra space for everyday comfort!

Key benefits:

  • Strong, stable construction
  • Stainless materials
  • Lots of space for your pets to play 



  • Strong construction.
  • The large solid base.
  • The kit includes two large hammocks.
  • Not found.

2. IRIS Multi-Story Wire Cat Cage Playpen, White, 2-Story By IRIS

This model provides your cats with a separate place to play and relax. This cage is ideal for apartments or houses where space is limited. The material from which the model is made is durable and easy to care for.

The design does not require any tools to install – just unpack and assemble using unique and convenient snap-on connectors.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for apartments or houses where space is limited
  • Distance between the bars is 1.5 inches



  •  Easy to clean.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • The two-story version includes 2 entrance doors and 1 shelf.
  • There may not be enough space for large breeds.

3. IRIS 3-Tier Plastic Cat Cage Playpen

iris 3-tier plastic cat cage playpen

This 3-level cage has a multi-level environment that cats love. The cage can be easily moved, thanks to the wheels. The modul frame is made of durable, lightweight plastic. The upper and side doors provide multiple access points for entry and exit.

This product can also house a bowl for food or water and even a bed for a kitten.

Key benefits:

  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement
  • A light latch opens the door so that your pet can wander in and out
  • Three floors so your kitten can enjoy extra space.



  • Perfect for multiple kittens.
  • Made of durable, lightweight plastic
  • Difficult to assemble.

4. Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage

necoichi portable stress-free cat cage

It is a place where your pet can curl up and feel cozy and safe. It is also a great way to transport pets in a car.

The mesh cage is easy to unfold and is equipped with built-in safety belts, which makes it very comfortable. Two mesh side panels provide breathability and visibility, and can also be rolled up in quiet times.

Key benefits:

  • Lightweight, portable mesh cage.
  • It has two mesh side panels for breathability and visibility.
  • Great for traveling, as a shelter during stressful situations or as a quiet place for your pet to rest at home.
  • A comfortable and safe space.
  • Easy to open and fold design that is simple to transport and store.



  • A comfortable and safe space.
  • Easy to open, unfold, transport and store.
  • Two mesh side panels for breathability and visibility.
  • Not durable.

5. MidWest Collapsible Wire Cat Cage Playpen

midwest collapsible wire cat cage playpen

This product for your favorite pet from Midwest Homes for Pets has all the accessories you are looking for!

It is made of wire materials coated with black Electro Coat. The weight is from 30 to 47 pounds. The doors are very convenient to use.

Key benefits:

  • Wide space to accommodate your kitties 
  • The height of the test bench is fully adjustable.
  • Can be folded for easy transport 
  • Reliable lock with double latches



  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Durable ABS plastic components.
  • Large door openings provide easy access.
  • Smaller space; limited room to move around.

6. Tomahawk Live Trap – Model 306NC – Tomahawk TNR Series Transfer Cage

This model is designed mainly for transportation. The cage is equipped with a new improved door that opens easily. The model is easy to carry thanks to two large handles.

Key benefits:

  • Suitable for transporting animals
  • Designed with the TNR specialist 
  • Extra-large protective cover
  • Extra-large double handles



  • Easy-opening door latch at the top of the cage for easy access.
  • Small

7. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate

merry pet 2-in-1 configurable pet crate and gate

This product provides your pet with a safe resting area and looks like furniture in your home. This wooden box can also be converted into a gate and can be used to enclose doorways and/or open spaces.

Each side is easy to disassemble, and a removable plastic tray protects the floor.

Key benefits:

  • Wooden pet crate converts into a gate.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Removable plastic tray.



  • Safe and comfortable space.
  • Easy to disassemble and fold.
  • There is not enough space to leave the pet for a long time.

Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

1. Pet Camping Tent Playpens Cage for Dogs and Cats

This product is more like a tent for animals. Inside this tent, your pet will never suffer from lack of air. The compact size allows you to take the tent on trips. At the same time, the pet will be quite spacious inside. Thanks to the mesh material, your pet can see the world – just like you.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Strong and durable.



  • Your pet can see the world.
  • Perfect size for traveling by car and camping.
  • Light.
  • Anxious cats may tear the mesh.

2. Portable Pet Tent Dog Cat Playpen Tunnels

A set of 4 connected tents made of metal wire and heavy-duty mesh will allow your pets to enjoy all the delights of nature safely. Your pet can finally enjoy an outdoor sunbath or play in the grass. At the same time, you do not need to be afraid that it will run away or someone will attack it. It is convenient to move when folded.

Key benefits:

  • Outdoor fun for pet.
  • Folds into small size.
  • Big and safe.



  • Pet can finally enjoy an outdoor sunbath or play in the grass.
  • Large space for pets to run while staying safe from bigger animals.
  • Portable.
  • Difficult to move.

3. Outdoor Metal Pet Enclosure Small Animal Playpen

This big cage from can be a whole new world of adventure for your animals. Inside this cage, pets can run freely in a closed, safe place. It is lightweight and made of a durable metal construction. 6 ground pegs are included to help hold the structure down.

Key benefits:

  • Latch doors for easy access
  • Tall apex design



  • Small pet run.
  • Safe and secure metal construction.
  • Difficult to fold.

4. Outback Jack Pop-Up Playground for Cats

outback jack pop-up playground for cats

This playground keeps your furry friend safe and allows it to run, jump and play outside for hours. Both entrances of this product are zippered and keep your kitten enclosed. It may be easily and quickly installed without tools.

Key benefits:

  • Playground for cats.
  • Safely preserves cats and protects them from insects and pests.
  • Connects to the collapsible tunnel for hours of fun.
  • You can combine two platforms for more fun.



  • Safe area for domestic cats.
  • Safely contains domestic cats and protects from wild animals.
  • Additional space for games.
  • Anxious cats may tear the mesh.

5. Trixie Wooden Outdoor Cat Run

trixie wooden outdoor cat run

Cats like being outdoors, and this unique backyard patio is perfect for accommodating and protecting cats outdoors. The two-story structure has a balcony with a ramp on the upper level, allows your pet to roam freely inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, in the sun or in the shade for greater comfort.

The lower level includes a shelf for cat beds, a litter box, and additional storage space. There is also a window and doors for easy access to your pet. Wooden panels on the back and side provide additional protection from the weather. There’s even a large front door with a metal latch for extra security.

Key benefits:

  • Space in cage for a bed, litter box and additional storage.
  • Wooden panels at the back for protection from wind and rain.
  • Enclosed backyard cat yard with a retreat on the upper level.
  • Large main door with metal latches for easy maintenance.



  • Indoor courtyard.
  • Large main door with metal latches.
  • Includes a window with a panel, a sliding door and a small swing door.
  • Expensive

6. Trixie Wooden Cattery For Cats

trixie wooden cattery for cats

This product is designed to accommodate several cats and includes 3 large platforms. It has a fully enclosed outdoor cat enclosure and is made of natural, eco-friendly fir wood.

Key benefits:

  • Designed to accommodate several cats.
  • A removable back panel allows to access the cattery (not included) through a window or door.
  • Robust construction with a weather-resistant finish.



  • Fully enclosed enclosure.
  • Includes 3 large platforms.
  • Not folded.

7. Zoovilla Outdoor Cat Climber

zoovilla outdoor cat climbe

The partially enclosed house portion provides your furry friend with shelter from harsh weather and privacy when it feels like napping. Extended out to the side and below is a full-height run area with three climbing platforms to keep your cat entertained for hours. The main doors on either side of the run are fully locking and allow for easy access anywhere inside. The entire structure is made from quality Canadian hemlock, and all the necessary hardware is included.

Key benefits:

  • Partially enclosed house shelter area
  • Black asphalt roof panel
  • Made from quality Canadian hemlock



  • Running area.
  • Interior climbing walls.
  • Easy assembly – hardware and instructions included.
  • Not folded.

8. Trixie Natural Cat Home  

trixie natural cat home

This durable, 3-compartment wooden pethouse, robustly constructed and with a weather-resistant exterior finish, is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Key benefits:

  • 3-story recreation area.
  • Doors with metal latches.
  • Made of eco-friendly fir wood.



  • Window panes and 4 small doors.
  • Doors with metal latches.
  • Built from eco-friendly glazed spruce wood.
  • Bad ventilation.
  • Not folded.

Buying Guide: How to choose a Cat Cage?

Cages are useful if you need to isolate your pet temporarily. For example, when cleaning the house or working on a project (you do not need to let the cat’s paws interfere) or if your pet needs rest and limited space while recovering from illness, injury or surgery. You can also use the cage to temporarily house a foster cat or integrate new kittens into your family. If your cat does not let you sleep at night, you can give it a comfortable place to sleep and keep it out of your bedroom (but not too often as this can lead to depression). Therefore, do not lock the cat up all night if it asks to go outside and it does not like the cage. [2]

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cat outside run catio

When buying cages or enclosures, you need to pay attention to some important points:

Is there enough space for a cat? You must make sure that the pet has enough room in the cage to move around; the cat should be able, at the very least, to stretch its legs.

Is it possible to fold the cage? If you are, in any way, mobile, and you have a cage that can be folded and unfolded, you can take the cage with you. 

How easy is it to clean? People buy enclosures mainly to protect their cat, but remember that you also need to keep your health and that of your pet, so the cage needs to be cleaned regularly. You need to choose a cage with easy access so that you can clean it without any problems.

Is the door able to be securely closed? It is safe to say that this is one of the main points when buying a cage. Some pets are very smart and figure out how to open the door by themselves. Therefore, if you do not want your furry friend to get out at the wrong time and make a mess, then choose high-quality cages with securely closing doors.

Is it durable? If you are a new pet owner, here are some tips: don’t underestimate cats! Cats can tear apart poor-quality material, so choose strong cages.


ᐉ How to get a Cat in a Cage?

You must first introduce and familiarize your cat to the cage. Leave the cage open and freely accessible to the pet for a while. Put your pet’s favorite treat or catnip inside the cage to lure the cat inside. You can use a pheromone spray that can help to relax inside the enclosure. 

If you leave your furry friend inside for a while, make sure that there is enough food and water in the cage. Additional hammocks, toys and litter boxes are also required. 

Clean the cage regularly with running water or wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid odors accumulated at least once in a couple of weeks.[3]

ᐉ How to train a Cat to use a Door?

To teach your pet how to use the door. If the door is open, the cat will be able to appreciate the fact that it has the ability to enter and exit the cage freely. The door must be securely fastened. If suddenly it falls, the cat may be very scared, and it will be harder to get used to it again. 

Then lower the door. When the pet starts to pass through it, be sure to praise it. Buy treats, as they will provide the cat’s best incentive to repeat a positive behavior. 

ᐉ How big should a Cat Cage be?

Regardless of the type of cage or enclosure you choose, the size of the cage is critical. The size should be selected individually for each pet; if you have a large breed of cat, it needs a high, large cage, while smaller cats will be much more comfortable in a small cage. 

Always measure your cat and choose a cage that will provide enough space for the pet to move around. The Cat Fanciers’ Association recommends a minimum of 30 cubic feet of space for one cat. According to the shelter’s veterinarian association, vertical space is even more important for cats than horizontal space, because “cats prefer to spend more time on raised surfaces and tall structures than on the floor.”

If you plan to keep several pets in a cage, carefully monitor them and ensure that each pet has enough space. If you want to keep two adult cats, choose a cage with three or more tiers. [1]

ᐉ Is it ok to Cage a Cat at night?

Never leave your furry friend in a cage unattended for long periods of time. Cats are active animals that need regular exercise and interaction. 

The general rule is not to cage a cat longer than 2-3 hours at a time during the day. Keeping a pet in a cage can lead to depression and inactivity, thus having the opposite result. 

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