Best Dust-Free Cat Litters

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Finding the best dustless litter boxes can be a daunting task. There are so many high-quality brands that it can confuse you if you are not well-informed about the differences between them. Clumping litters offer various products beyond the traditional scented and non-scented choices found with most granulated litters.­

best dust-free cat litters

Several types of litters differ in their raw material base. Wood consists of sawdust pressed into pellets. They absorb odors and moisture perfectly and rarely cause allergic reactions. There is also litter made of clay, zeolite, or minerals. Silica gel is created from synthetic materials that are highly absorbent.

Most products are not completely dust-free. It is unpleasant when a cat spreads dust around the house. Your cat also breathes dust every time it covers its waste with litter. Inhalation of the dust from cat litter can be bad for your health and the health of your furry friend. Dust can cause asthma and other respiratory issues.[1] This dust can cause problems with digestion, and in some cases, it’s even toxic.

We have compiled a list of the best products based on expert assessments and real customers’ reviews. Our rated recommendations will help you make a choice that meets your requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the pet industry, but we have selected the best producers and recommend that you pay special attention to them and choose the best one from these reviews.

Low Dust Clumping Cat Litter Reviews

Our Top Pick

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat 

arm and hammer clump and seal platinum cat litter

This revolutionary cat litter is specially designed to eliminate odors and is made from natural materials that help create hard clumps for easy digging.

When in contact with moisture, micro granules form a solid clump, and powerful ARM & HAMMER baking soda destroys odors. Also, this product is 100% dust-free, so there is no dust when using it.

Key Benefits:

  • 10% more odor neutralizers
  • 100% dust-free formula
  • The formula seals and destroys odors
  • A large package



  • Excellent odor neutralizer
  • It clumps very well and removes dust
  • Inexpensive
  • The strong scent may be unpleasant

Runner-up Pick

World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula for Multiple Cats

worlds best multi-cat unscented clumping corn cat litter

This cat litter is made from natural materials. Also, this product sticks together quickly — easy digging for easy cleaning! It’s perfect for a home with multiple cats.

Key Benefits: 

  • Excellent odor control
  • Can be flushed down the drain
  • Lightweight and 99% dust-free



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainably sourced corn for natural litter
  • Tight, quick-forming clumps for easy scooping
  • Not the most effective odor killer

Our Eco-Picks

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

okocat original premium wood clumping cat litter

Make the cleaning more eco-friendly with Okocat Original Premium Wood Cat Litter. This product is made of the natural wood fiber. Also, it is powerful enough to control unpleasant odors. This product itself is removing bad smells; you will have a fresh fragrance reminiscent of fresh air!

Key Benefits:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Absorbs liquid on contact and creates perfect clumping for easy removal and clean up
  • 99% dust-free
  • 100% free of artificial materials, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs



  • Fights odors for seven days
  • Clumps perfectly
  • Biodegradable
  • A more expensive option

Yesterday’s News Original Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter 

yesterdays news original unscented non-clumping paper cat litter

This cat litter is made from recycled paper. The pellets do not harm the environment. Moreover, this eco-friendly product has three times the absorption capacity of clay and is 99.7% dust-free so that you and your pet can breathe easily. This product is intended for everyday use. 

Key Benefits:

  • It is made from recycled paper
  • Does not harm the environment
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • 99.7% dust-free, so you and your kitten can breathe easily



  • It is made from recycled paper
  • Practically no dust
  • Granules are soft enough for
  • paws
  • The fragrance doesn’t scare off cats
  • Not as effective at killing odors as other options
  • Doesn’t clump, so needs fully replacing each time you clean the tray

Best for Multicat Households

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter 

swheat scoop multi-cat unscented clumping wheat cat litter

The new and improved litter Scoop Multi-cat entirely removes odors and clumps faster and stronger. It is great choice for multiple cats. sWheat Scoop does not contain dust, sodium bentonite, or any chemicals. This product absorbs moisture faster than conventional brands of clumped litter. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Made of natural materials
  • Effectively neutralizes odors
  • Easily and quickly clumps for easy digging out
  • Eco-friendly, completely natural, 100% biodegradable



  • Easy cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No strong odors
  • Not the most effective odor killer

Best Budget Pick

Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping 24/7 Performance Multi Cat Litter

purina tidy cats non-clumping performance multi cat litter

The deodorizing system works to prevent unpleasant odors in the litter box. The formula absorbs moisture to keep your cats dry. The productdoes not contain dust, so your cat will not carry dirt around the house. It is specially designed for use with several domestic cats.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent moisture absorption
  • Powerful odor control
  • The formula is free of dust



  • Deodorizing system for odor control
  • Easy to dig out
  • Smell may be unpleasant for people and cats

Best Hypoallergenic Picks

Cat’s Pride Lightweight Ultimate Unscented Clumping Cay Cat Litter  

cats pride lightweight ultimate unscented clumping cay cat litter

This hypoallergenic litter does not have a specific scent that can scare off a cat, so it is excellent for sensitive kitties. However, the litter fights the harshest odors of the litter box. This highly absorbent clay retains moisture well and forms durable lumps, making it easy to dig out and dispose of. The low-dust formula guarantees that your cats will be happy and your house will be clean and smell fresh.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains anti-odor baking soda, which helps eliminate some of the strongest odors
  • The hypoallergenic formula is suitable for use by several cats
  • Perfectly eliminates odors, so your home smells fresh and clean
  • Forms strong clumps that are easy to dig out
  • The lightweight, low-dust formula is 50% lighter than the leading traditional clay litter



  • One of the most inexpensive options
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used longer than most other options
  • Not as dust-free as some of the others on this list

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

dr elseys premium clumping cat litter

This litter clumps perfectly and neutralizes odors. The product is ideal for families with multiple cats. It’s also suitable for use with self-cleaning waste bins.

Key Benefits:

  • 99.9% hypoallergenic and natural droppings without the average clay creates a hard lump
  • The formula destroys odors
  • Suitable for litter box



  • Odorless 
  • Fast, dense clumping
  • Easier to dig out and clean the box
  • It can be sticky and hard to scoop

Fresh Step Simply Unscented Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter

fresh step simply unscented lightweight clumping cat litter

This litter is made from natural materials, and it detains and removes odors from urine and feces for up to ten days. High-quality clay quickly absorbs liquids and retains odors, forming a dense lump. It makes cleaning quick and easy.

Key Benefits: 

  • Fresh Step is made of eco-friendly clay
  • Effectively controls odors with activated charcoal
  • Low dust formula
  • Easy cleaning with ClumpLock technology



  • Dust-free formula
  • Lightweight
  • Made for multiple-cat homes
  • It may be too fragrant for you or your cats

Best Silica Choice

So Phresh Scoopable Odor-Lock Clumping Micro Crystal Cat Litter in Blue Silica

so phresh scoopable odor-lock clumping micro crystal cat litter in blue silica

This litter effectively hides unpleasant odors and absorbs liquid, so cats do not spread dirt around the house. The odorless formula is ideal for cats with sensitive noses.

Key Benefits:

  • It’s perfectly lumpy
  • Easy
  • Effectively eliminates odors
  • Minimal dust



  • Effectively eliminates odors
  • Dust-free formula
  • Made for multiple-cat homes
  • May cause allergies

Buyer’s Guide to choose a non dusty Cat Litter

A quality kitty litter is important to your cat’s well-being. When choosing the best one, many factors must be taken into consideration. Here are a few main indicators that you should pay attention: 

Odor controls

Many people like using scented litter because it helps keep the odors from urine and feces at bay. However, most cats don’t like the scents, which can be quite strong litter will cope with the smell of cat urine by overwhelming it with the fragrant scent. Clumping cat litter is usually the best option for odor control, but some brands do their best to offer other odor control mechanisms. For example, Arm & Hammer uses its world-famous baking soda to eliminate odors, which seems to work well. 


Look for clumping litters with a dust-free rating of 99% or more to ensure you get the best possible dust protection. As well as the respiratory benefits, no cats like having dusty paws, so getting a dust-free cat litter is key to getting your furry friend to use the litter box without any fuss.

Grain size

It is more convenient for a small kitten to bury a smaller-sized grain. It is easier to train a kitten to use it with just such a litter. Small pellets form clumps easier, but large pellets stick less to paws and fur, and in general, they are less dusty. Although the latter depends on the quality, small-grain litters are practically dust-free.


Manufacturers often use various additives to attract the buyer’s attention and improve the product’s quality, for example, aromatizers. They are often added to litter, and many people like them because they mask odors from the litter box. But cats do not always like scents, and sometimes they can scare the animal away. A product with a good level of odor-blocking does not need to be scented.

Other examples of additives to improve the product’s quality are activated carbon, soda, and antibacterial complexes. Whether they are necessary and whether it is worth paying a certain amount for them (because such litter sometimes comes at a much higher price due to the cost of the additional component), is for you to decide.


Some litter can be flushed into the sewer, and some will have to be disposed of in the garbage. If there is no corresponding label on the package, do not risk pouring the used litter into the toilet. Choose the best one based on the method of disposal that suits you.


You should calculate how much you are willing to spend, on average, on the maintenance of a cat’s litter box and, based on this, choose the best one. Do not buy more expensive product when you have money, and then abruptly change it to a cheap one when money becomes scarce. It is better to choose the one that will be optimal for you in terms of price and quality and use it consistently. Cats are conservative creatures, and they are calmer when the litter is the same.

The probability of allergies

Both cats and people can have allergies to the litter. If you suspect an allergy, you should change the product to a more suitable one.

Cat’s preferences

Cats also have individual preferences. If the cat doesn’t like one litter, try offering it another. 

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Types of Dust-Free Cat Litter

best cat litter dust-free

There are following types:

1. Clay

Litter made from clay is very popular among cat owners. This type was first introduced in 1947 by Edward Lowe, who used to sell clay to garage owners to soak up oil and gasoline spills.[3] These types are easy to find, and they are effective, but mostly, this type of litter is quite dusty. Of course, there are formulas with lower dust content. Be sure to examine the packaging and make sure that it indicates that the litter is dust-free. We also recommended reading customer reviews of these products to learn directly from other owners about the litter’s dust level.

2. Natural

These are litters that are made from natural materials. Some of them include grass, paper, corn, wheat, and others. These materials are usually free of dust. Such litters differ in rigidity, and some cats don’t like it. These types are usually more expensive than clay. Still, if you are allergic to dust or wish to purchase a more environmentally-friendly option, the additional costs are worth it.

3. Silica/crystals

Silica gel can absorb 40 times its weight in liquid. Silica gel has been produced as cat litter since 1999 in the form of crystals. This type has many advantages: It dries very well, you do not need to change the litter often, and there is almost no dust.[4] Some crystal cat litters are washed away and decomposed. On the other hand, if your cat eats any of these crystals (out of curiosity), it may face serious health problems. 


What is dust-free cat litter?

There are litters that decrease or eliminate the residual dust that may be produced when pouring the cat litter into the box or when your cat kicks the litter over his deposit. Some are naturally dust-free, while others have an added ingredient or two to keep the dust down.

How does dust-free cat litter work?

When cats visit the litter box, they pick up dust on their paws. Crystal or natural type helps minimize messes from this, and because there are no huge clay clumps to scrape out, cleaning the litter tray is a breeze.

Is crystal cat litter dust free?

Crystals absorb well and have no odor and no dust.[4] This type, or silica gel, is made by compressing silica dioxide sand, water, and oxygen to form tiny beads that absorb 40 times their weight in liquid. Thanks to a special manufacturing process and materials, it is basically dust free.

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