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Determining your cat’s genetic profile allows you to identify unique characteristics for a given individual cat. From detecting breed to preventing chronic disease, a DNA test is an essential step in making your cats healthier and happier.

best cat dna test

Our 5 Best Cat Breed Testing

Here is the best five options:




Our TOP Pick

basepaws breed plus health dna test

Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test

  • Detects breed group plus overall health and potential health conditions.

  • The best option for kittens and young cats to create the best optimal health care and feeding plan.

Most Complete DNA Test
basepaws whole genome sequencing

Basepaws Whole Genome DNA Test

  • Most complete genetic test for your cat.

  • You will get all data on a USB drive.

  • Free 1-hour consultation with a feline genetics specialist.

Best for Health

orivet cat dna test kit

ORIVET Cat DNA Test Kit 

  • The test indicates overall health condition and future health risks

  • Test results come with a personalized health care plan.

Kidney Health Pick

easydna feline pkd testing

EasyDNA Feline PKD Testing

Useful for breeders to exclude cats with PKD genes to produce healthy kittens in the future.

*All ratings are formed by the article’s author based on own research and combined with customer reviews.

Cat DNA Test Kits Reviews

Our TOP Pick: Basepaws

Basepaws is a company that will help you learn more about your cat. Discover the unique features of your pet with the help of DNA tests from Basepaws.

Basepaws is a leader in the field of feline genetics. The organization’s genomic database is constantly expanding. Employees are constantly learning new information about cat breeds, characteristics, and health. Basepaws’ goal is to improve the lives of cats around the world.

DNA tests for cats are delivered free of charge within the continental United States. Delivery is about $15. The test itself takes about 4-6 weeks to analyze.

Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test

basepaws breed plus health dna test

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Learn more about your pet with the help of a DNA test for cats. This test will reveal the full owner’s information about the origin and breed of the pet. The test helps you uncover information about your pet’s health and develop a plan for its nutrition and care. For analysis, simply take a saliva swab sample and send it for testing. The results will be ready in 6-9 weeks. Discover new information about your furry friend with the Basepaws CatKit at-Home cat genetics test.

Key features:

  • A DNA test can help recognize more than 40 signs that cause 17 genetic diseases, including: polycystic kidney disease (PKD), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), retinal degeneration, hypothyroidism.
  • A genetic test will help you find out about the origin of your kitten.
  • The test helps you build an acceptable food and general care plan for your cat.



  • The test results include extensive information about your pet’s genetics.
  • Easy-to-use kit.
  • Results in 6-9 weeks.
  • Expensive international delivery

Most Complete – Basepaws Whole Genome DNA Test

basepaws whole genome sequencing

Basepaws genome sequencing (WGS) is the most complete method of DNA analysis. Conducting research based on this test will reveal the most comprehensive information to the pet owner. This method decodes 100% of the genome. Despite the fact that most commercially available DNA tests usually decode only 0.01% to 0.02% of the genome.

Key features:

  • This best cat DNA test provides complete genetic information about your cat, collecting about 10,000 times more data than other DNA tests.
  • This test can detect the most hidden genetic changes, many of which may be overlooked by other tests.
  • This provides the most complete report on research conducted.



  • The test determines the breed and origin.
  • Free shipping to the USA.
  • The report is updated as new information is added to the Basepaws database.
  • A long time to wait for results (8-12 weeks). Most companies provide results within 3-4 weeks.

Best For Health: HomeDNA

HomeDNA is a branch of the DNA diagnostic center (DDC) brand specializing in pets’ biological research. The company produces DNA tests that help owners check pets for more than 40 genetic diseases. The final report is generated within 3 weeks. Research results are sent to the customer’s email address.

Research results reveal genetic information that allows owners to take an active part in the pet’s life. The DNA test will help you learn more about your cat’s health and well-being. Test results can be discussed with your veterinarian, who can use them as an additional resource for developing balanced nutrition and lifestyle plans for your pet.

The company also provides an additional feature called “Life Plan”. This feature allows pet owners to more effectively maintain the cat’s health.

If you have any questions about tests or research, you can contact HomeDNA customer support, and its highly qualified staff will solve all your problems.

ORIVET Cat DNA Test Kit 

orivet cat dna test kit

If your top priority is your pet’s health and well-being, this DNA test can help you identify any threats that your cat may face. This test is specially designed for cats. Research determines the health status, predisposition to genetic diseases, and other signs that may affect your pet’s well-being. The results of the DNA test contain an individual life plan that will help you and your veterinarian implement a personal health plan for your cat.

Key features:

  • The test helps to examine the cat for the presence of dozens of genetic diseases.
  • Determines your cat’s blood type.
  • The test report contains an individual life plan for your pet.
  • The interactive report is updated with new information.



  • The test can detect more than 40 genetic diseases specific to your cat’s breed.
  • The client receives recommendations about the health of their pets based on their genetics.
  • The results are ready within 3 weeks.
  • The report is compiled for the best understanding of clients. 
  • Some customers expected more detailed information about their pet health.

Best PKD Prevention Option – EasyDNA

EasyDNA USA is a leading company for conducting various DNA tests. Over a long time, the company has established partnerships with medical clinics and private practitioners, serving populations throughout the United States.

EasyDNA offers various DNA testing services that can help cat owners. Catana tests can help you determine the presence of chronic diseases and other information about your cat.

EasyDNA Feline PKD Testing

easydna feline pkd testing

EasyDNA offers PKD testing for cats – a simple DNA test that can save a cat’s life and ensure that kittens born do not develop this chronic disease. Persian cats and exotic Shorthair cats are among the breeds that most often suffer from an inherited disease known as polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Key features:

  • EasyDNA has serviced a vast number of complex cases over the last 10 years in its worldwide operations.
  • Your results will be ready in 10 working days.
  • Helps exclude any cats carrying the PKD gene from mating, thus providing buyers with PKD free cats.



  • Helps prevent PKD.
  • The report is compiled for the best understanding of clients. 
  • The test helps to examine the cat for serious genetic disease.
  • Does not determine the breed of cat.

How Do Cat DNA Tests Work?

To perform a cat’s DNA test, you can use one of two methods:

  • The collection of buccal epithelium is the first way to collect the DNA of a cat. To do this, the pet owner must make a smear on the inside of the cheeks (oral cavity) and gums of their cat’s mouth. This action allows you to collect a layer of epithelial cells that will contain your cat’s DNA for testing.
  • The second way you can collect material for your cat’s DNA test is to take a sample of their fur. Companies like Basepaws provide sterile adhesive tape that can be pasted on your cat’s fur. Once you place this tape on your cat’s fur, just pat the tape with your hand and remove it. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your cat.[3]

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What Can a Cat DNA Test Tell You?

A cat’s genetic profile can help with tracking the cat’s ancestry. It is important to test the breeding partners for concern genes in breeds that carry a specific genetic defect. If the animal parents are healthy, then there is almost 100 % confidence that the offspring will be healthy (the probability of new mutations is about a fraction of a percent).

New kitten owners may want to make sure their chosen kitten doesn’t carry a specific genetic defect. This can be confirmed by a direct test for this genetic defect or confirmation of paternity and motherhood – that this kitten is the descendant of declared and pure parents who do not have this genetic defect.

When buying kittens listed as purebred, make sure to have proof of paternity and maternity. Genetic tracing can help to prevent fraud when selecting a purebred kitten from a breeder. When choosing the optimal pair for mating and breeding, an assessment is made on several properties – character, appearance, health, etc. If we want to bring new blood into the family tree, it is advisable to compare potential parents’ genetic profiles. 

Comparing the genetic profiles of animals allows you to achieve maximum genetic diversity within the breed and maintain the breed’s required physical and properties. [2]

Benefits of Feline DNA Tests

If you adopted your cat from a shelter or took it in from off the streets, you most likely won’t know anything about their past, including what breed they are.

Currently, 95% of all American cats have a short coat and are not related to a specific breed in appearance, but other genetic traits can only be detected by DNA analysis.

The main purpose of the DNA test is to learn more about the cat breed. If your cat is not a purebred, you probably don’t know its origin or its unique features. Cat DNA tests can help you learn more about your cat’s origins and give you an idea of its connections to other breeds. [4]

Genes play an essential role in your cat’s behavior – different breeds have their own character traits, so DNA analysis can help you better understand your cat’s personality and why it behaves a certain way. Some characteristics actually determine the cat’s activity level, some characteristics actually determine the cat’s activity level (add other things it determines here). Knowing these characteristics can help you take better care of your cat and to be more prepared for certain behavioral traits. [5]

Some cat breeds have a high risk of developing potentially fatal and chronic diseases. It is useful to conduct DNA analysis, especially if you have breeding plans.

By testing your cat’s DNA, you help researchers, who study cat genetics, better understand how certain DNA traits affect the health and character of cats, you participate in researchers who study the genetics of cats and try to better understand how certain DNA traits affect the health and character of cats. [1]


Can I DNA test my cat?

Testing can be performed on all breeds of cats, regardless of the cat’s age or size. Any cat owner can do a DNA test if desired. The owner of the pet can take the genetic material and send it for examination. DNA tests will help you see what your cat carries in its DNA.

How much does it cost to DNA test a cat?

The price range for cat breed DNA test tests for cats may vary. The price of the test depends on the depth of the study. For example, the Basepaws genome sequencing (WGS) test costs $599 as it is the most complete DNA analysis method.

Are cat DNA tests accurate?

All DNA tests have some inaccuracy in their results, especially in relation to markers responsible for signs of genetic diseases. However, recent developments allow us to determine the cat’s ancestors most accurately.

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