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Guppies are very beautiful, small, viviparous fish. Some people like them very much, others don’t. Guppies are unpretentious, strong fish with beautiful tails. However, guppies are very small and cannot defend themselves, so other fish often bite them. 

It is best to keep the guppies separate and have a separate tank for newborn fish, and then your guppies will be happy.

About Guppies

Guppies are one of the most common types of aquarium fish.  For novice aquarium owners, guppies are a great choice because of their hardiness and low price.

Like many freshwater fish, guppies exhibit sexual dimorphism. Male guppies are smaller than females and have beautiful, colorful fins. Female guppies are not as bright in color.

Guppies get along well with other species. Detailed below are some of the best companions in the aquarium for guppies.

Compatible fish species

  • Swordtails, mollies, poecilia. Guppies and swordtails are fully compatible and will well live with mollies and poecilia. Experience aquarists shows that platies and swordtails biting the fins of the guppies. Keep small fish with larger relatives in a spacious aquarium with shelters and plants.
  • Neons. Neon is a fish with a similar temperament and size. Guppies and neons will live together in the same aquarium. Remember that neons like soft water.
  • Danio. Danio and guppy get along well together. Both types are compatible in size and character. Active and curious neighbors will find a lot in common, and it is not difficult to keep Danio.
  • Tetras. Tetras are very peaceful and playful. Tetras live peacefully with guppies, and there are no clashes between them. However, be careful with tetras-congo, as this species bites the fins of smaller fish. There is also a vampire-tetra, which is a predator and will be the worst neighbor for a small fish. 
  • Botia. These fish are compatible with guppies, as they have common features: resistance to diseases, unpretentiousness, calm disposition and small body size. These fish get along well with guppies in the aquarium.
  • Rainbows. These small, beautiful fish get along well with guppies. Water parameters suitable for rainbows are also suitable for guppies.
  • Lampeye Killifish. Fish of this species get along well with guppies, and the character of the fish is harmless. Its peaceful disposition does not prevent fish from being carnivorous.
  • Acanthophthalmus Kuhlii. This fish is very similar to a snake. It lives on the bottom. One by one, acanthophthalmus is very shy. These fish are mostly active only at night.
guppy tank matesnaomi tamar / Unsplash

Relative to Compatible Types

  • Corydoras. These small catfish with a peaceful nature live in the lower layers of water. Most of the time, the fish do not contact, adhering to their lifestyle. The corydoras adapt well to the conditions of detention.
  • Barbus. Barbus are partially compatible with guppies. However, barbus like to bite the fins of small fish. It is not difficult to take care of these fish.
  • Gourami. Guppies are also partially compatible with peaceful types of gourami (chocolate, ocellatus). There must be enough space for these two types. Carefully make sure that the water parameters are suitable for both types. 
  • Dwarf gourami. Guppies can live with a gourami if two types have enough space in the aquarium. At first, the gourami act shy and try to hide. In addition, it is easy to care for gourami.
  • Cockerel fish. Cockerel fish are famous for their aggressive temperament. If your aquarium has enough space, then guppies can get along with roosters.  There must be a lot of cover. For cohabitation of different species, it is better to choose females – they are less aggressive. The content of the fighting fish has its characteristics.
  • Gymnocorymbus. Gymnocorymbus are mobile fish that live in a flock. This species is partially compatible with small guppies. These fish show aggression towards smaller neighbors if the number of fish in the species pod is less than eight.
  • Plecostomus. These catfish are aggressive, but they don’t touch little guppies. Catfish may not intentionally swallow a neighbor in the aquarium. In a large aquarium, guppies and catfish can live well.

Incompatible Types

Predators perceive small fish as food. For example, goldfish will chase small housemates and can kill guppies. Cohabitation with large and aggressive fish is an exception to the rule. There are cases of keeping them with scalars if the fish have grown together.

  • Angelfish. These two species get along well together until the angelfish has grown. The larger angelfish will probably consider guppies a light snack.
  • Cichlids. Cichlids are usually aggressive, fast and like to eat small fish. For most cichlids, guppies will be more like food. Besides, cichlids tend to be quite territorial. They allocate a place in the aquarium and call it their own. Guppies can swim into the territory of the cichlid, and it will not end well.
  • Anything else large enough to eat them. In general, guppies tend to get along well with different fish if they don’t have a big enough mouth to swallow the guppies. Avoid large and aggressive species.

In general, guppies tend to get along well with different fish if they don’t have a big enough mouth to swallow the guppies. Avoid large and aggressive species.

guppy fish tank matesby Frederica Diamanta / Unsplash

General rules for Compatibility with Guppies

When choosing fish for shared living with guppies in the same aquarium, you need to know some general rules:

The aquarium should only have fish with similar temperament and behavior. Male guppies usually have long and luxuriant fins, so those neighbors who can pinch them should not live with them. Guppies are not compatible with aggressive, fast types; otherwise, the stress and physical exhaustion of victims cannot be avoided.

The diet and water requirements should also be suitable for all aquarium inhabitants. Check the pH level, hardness and temperature of the water environment.

It is better to keep all the fish in a large tank with enough space for swimming and hiding. One fish requires an average of 50 liters of water.

Small bottom-dwelling fish species can be kept with viviparous guppies that rarely swim to the bottom.

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